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SCM to merge intelligence & humanity at Xylexpo 2024

 Friday, March 22, 2024

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SCM is set to revolutionise the secondary wood processing sector with a comprehensive lineup of technological and digital innovations at the upcoming Xylexpo. Preparations for SCM are now in fulls swing. The Italian group promises an unprecedented array of new entries and entirely innovative presentation procedures. Xylexpo, one of the premier woodworking shows is going to held from May 21 to May 24, 2024 at Rho-Milano.

Attendees at Xylexpo will discover technologies, software, and digital services tailored to their production requirements in an entirely fresh and engaging manner. Visitors will be propelled into the future of woodworking, gaining deep insights into SCM’s extensive and boundless range of production solutions. Not only that, they will also get to know how to leverage cutting-edge multimedia and immersive tools. A Smart&Human evolution which will focus on everything new within the automated, integrated and complete processes, designed to meet the new production challenges dedicated to every
field of application: furnishings and kitchens, windows and doors, flooring, timber
construction, surface treatment, nautical and caravan industry, and joinery.

Showcasing integrated and advanced machinery and systems for each sector, the exhibition will also highlight the incorporation of technologies from Cms, a company within the SCM Group. These technologies are designed for machining materials such as glass, stone, metal, plastic, and composites. The solutions on display are focused on enhancing sustainability and efficiency, even in batch-1 production, aiming to deliver custom products with unparalleled quality and design.

Plenty of space will also be reserved for software and digital services designed to accompany the client at each stage of the production process. The new digital services enabled by the IoT Maestro connect platform also available in the new mobile version, will be on display. The continuous exchange of information from the machine to the cloud means SCM can provide clients with rapid access to answers and specific advice which will assist the operators with their challenges and needs for autonomy demands, carrying out of maintenance and programming the machine and software.

On the subject of which, a fully operational version of SCM’s Digital Control Room will be reproduced, offering the chance to discover how the data is processed to provide proactive and advisory assistance services, with the aim of guaranteeing the client production continuity thanks to the most evolved digital technologies and the constant dedication of SCM’s Service team.

SCM is also unveiling its latest MES, boasting improved performance and full customization to meet client needs. Key benefits include the simplicity of interface configuration and the capability to integrate with existing client software and third-party digital services. This flexibility is a testament to SCM’s commitment to enhancing its digital offerings through strategic partnerships with external software houses, placing client-centric solutions at the core of its innovation strategy.

The new eye-M console for all of SCM’s machines brings the bonus of ergonomics and ease of use to make the operator’s work easier. It boasts modular programming and increased computing power. The common advantages of a large number of the groups’ new software include reduced expenditure and less material waste coupled with greater efficiency. With regard to cnc machining centres and drilling solutions, SCM will present Maestro lab for both office and machine CAD/CAM programming. Intuitive and dynamic, this software transforms an idea into a finished product thanks to intelligent and technologically advanced programming functions and more than150 already integrated apps. From the office to the factory in a flash via a pleasant and fast user experience.

Maestro active beam&wall is the new HMI software dedicated to cnc machining centres for
timber construction. It allows quick, easy and all-round control, thanks to new functions such as 3D visualisation and advanced user management as well as a totally renewed graphic interface aligned with that of the latest generation of software. For the beam saw, Maestro optiwise is the new cutting optimization software for the gabbiani panel saws. Developed for programming production in the office, the software allows for the automatic generation of cutting diagrams identifying the best solution in terms of waste, time and costs based on the parameters selected by the user.

Also showcasing is the Maestro stackwise, a state-of-the-art solution designed to increase efficiency and productivity. The system uses advanced algorithms to analyse and optimise piece stacking during the made-to-measure cutting process, ensuring that they are strategically placed to achieve maximum efficiently, reducing scraps to a minimum and maximising return. New entries also for edgebanding with Maestro edgestore manager for the centralised management of client’s edges, which allows their consumption to constantly be kept under control and their location in the warehouse, as well as sharing information with the software and the company management systems.

Another important new entry will be the opening of the new SCM-Superfici Technology Center in Villasanta (MB), which can be visited during the trade fair, just 30 minutes from Rho-Milano. These spaces have been extended and modernised to offer a wider range of technologies: not just the Superfici solutions for finishing and the SCM ones for sanding and pressing, but also other group technologies, to complete the clients’ processes.

Technology Highlights

Automation Systems

Beam saw cell for batch 1 made up of: flexstore elr automatic storage, for better logistics of semi-machined pieces; single-blade gabbiani g2 panel saw complete with, among other things, automatic panel labelling; articulated robot to automate the cutting and off-loading operations, reducing the need for human supervision.

The cell offers great flexibility when dealing with processes at source because it allows the finished pieces to be unloaded onto pallets on the ground and on the roller. There is also a vertical buffer in the cell, downstream of the unloading roller, which optimises the workflow efficiently separating the cutting cell from the next machining processes.

Beam saw and nesting cell for batch 1 with flexstore hp automatic storage and robot for
unloading finished pieces, small pieces and scraps. Gabbiani p80 beam saw and morbidelli x200 nesting machining centre are integrated in the automatic storage which allows the panels to be stocked, labelled and loaded directly onto the worktable of both machines, protecting the most delicate surfaces. Simultaneously, the gabbiani p80 beam saw can perform stack cutting with high levels of productivity.

Cargo is a patented automatic loading and unloading system that can be integrated with the morbidelli m200 and accord 500/600 cnc machining centres for the machining of panels and doors. The fully automated cell requires no operator supervision and is unique on the market in carrying out continuous loading and unloading of pieces in masked time, while the machine performs drilling and routing. Maximum levels of efficiency are thus achieved, avoiding manual work steps and the associated costs and unproductive time. All this with unprecedented ease of use because both the machining centre and Cargo are managed directly from the Maestro active HMI.The morbidelli cx220 drilling and dowelling flexible cell with robot to create every kind of furniture element more efficiently, even with pieces that differ greatly from one another. The cell produces one panel per minute and up to more than 400 panels per shift with an operator in just 50 m2. It can be used with just the robot for continuous production, or with partial operator supervision.

For windows and doors manufacturing, the new version of windorflex will be on show, the
automatic and technological machining cell for processing complete window frames, always
guaranteeing the best accuracy, high flexibility and superior finish quality. The new machine version is featured with two handling devices for the work-pieces loading, with the aim to increase performance and productivity, and the front loading bench, to reduce the longitudinal footprint.

Other new entries

Beam Saw

The gabbiani p range expaqnds with the new gabbiani p95 and gabbiani pt95 panel saws, designed repectively for batch-1 machining and series production.


Making its debut is the stefani m, an industrial edge bander representing a highly competitive investment, with advanced technological solutions for automatic set-up.


Among the solutions on show is the morbidelli pwx500, a flexible, high-productivity drilling machine for fast, top-quality processing.

Surface Treatment

For sanding, SCM will present its exclusive multifunctional roller unit available on the dmc sd 90 model.

Finally, at Xylexpo SCM will launch the new portable “maker” CNC, the mobile numerical control router, capable of autonomously creating unique and complex objects, without having to dedicate permanent space in the workshop. A new CNC designed for wood enthusiasts, craftsmen and businesses, looking for a flexible tool capable of working even on large surfaces.

SCM will be available in Hall 3.

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