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Schmalz launches new JumboFlex High-Stack

 Monday, March 19, 2018

Schmalz_For overhead handling tasks, J. Schmalz GmbH has developed the JumboFlex High-Stack. Operators use the tube lifter to stack goods with a maximum weight of 45 kilograms ergonomically and up to a height of 2.55 meters.


Loading pallets with cardboard boxes or sacks is tedious – especially at a height. Even with a manual lifting aid, the maximum stack height is usually 1.70 meters. This is where the new JumboFlex High-Stack proves its worth. Thanks to its long, swivel-mounted operator handle, stack heights of up to 2.55 meters can be reached ergonomically and effortlessly for the operator. The High-Stack therefore provides significant scope to expand upward when lower-level storage space is limited. For example, pallets for containers or trucks can be packed in such a way that the available volume is optimally utilized. Loads close to the ground can also be raised without risking injury to backs using the new tube lifter. The operator can grip goods with a minimum height of 30 centimeters using the High-Stack, while keeping the body upright.
Like the entire JumboFlex series, the High-Stack has an ergonomic one-hand grip for controlling the tube lifter, which can be operated intuitively by both left-handed and right-handed operators. An additional handle makes it even easier to guide the tube lifter with the second hand – for example when fine tuning the height of the workpiece. The device can be infinitely adjusted and thus ergonomically designed for every operator. Customers also benefit from individual configuration options. This is because Schmalz designs the length and height of the operator handle to match the workpiece size and the required stack height.
The subject of safety is also of great importance to Schmalz: The workpiece can only be released in a lowered position. The operator must push the button for lowering the load all the way down before a second, mechanical lever can be actuated. This lever releases the vacuum. This safety function prevents the workpiece from falling prematurely or unintentionally. In addition, the ventilation of the gripper takes place so fast that no additional effort is required to release the tube lifter from the workpiece.



Schmalz_2The rotation unit of the operator handle can be rotated continuously as standard, ensuring great freedom of movement. This prevents the hose from twisting and gives the operator the flexibility to operate the device from all directions. Alternatively, the gripper can be fixed in 90-degree increments. An integrated quick-change adapter allows quick replacement of the grippers. Schmalz has integrated the vacuum duct into the operator handle. This eliminates external hoses and protrusions. A radio remote control for switching the vacuum generator on and off is available as an option.




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