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Schattdecor witnesses prosperous SICAM 2017

 Friday, November 3, 2017

schatt 1Schattdecor had a 120 m² stand at SICAM, which ran from October 10 to 13, 2017. This is the foremost Italian supplier trade fair; this year’s event numbered 583 exhibitors. After Interzum, SICAM is one of the most important trade fairs for us, attracting visitors from over 130 countries.


“If Italian suppliers only make it to one trade fair, they go to SICAM. SICAM has long been a magnet for visitors – a trade fair that’s not too flashy, but packed with content. We have noticed a constant, yearly increase in visitors and exhibitors. We are an exporting country, so foreign companies are continuing to flock to the fair, as well. SICAM has now become a leading fair for trends and innovations, and that is very important for us,” says Marco Aquino, Chief Executive of Schattdecor Italy.


Earlier in the year, Schattdecor presented their new innovations, designs, and products at Interzum. Along with their decors and new products, they showcased digital printing and their social media channels at the fair.


Materials and Colors, Trends and Highlights

The benefit of our appearance at Interzum was that Schattdecor could bring the successes of Interzum straight to SICAM and provide an immediate focus for our customers. As such, they were able to discuss the outcomes of Interzum at SICAM, talk about various textures that are already available for wood product manufacturers, and let customers know about their current composite foils or edgebanding. SICAM wasn’t about completely reinventing the wheel. Instead, they used it as a platform for presenting firmly established decors and new decors that have been produced to meet the requirements of specific markets.


“The fact is that trends don’t change in an instant. We see SICAM as an opportunity to showcase and reinforce our existing trend themes, which we had already exhibited at Interzum. But we put more of a focus on our key themes at SICAM and concentrated on the standout features of our experiences at Interzum,” explains Claudia Küchen, Head of Marketing, Design, and Corporate Communications.


Schattdecor’s four trend themes formed a key component of our stand concept. Dark colors are dominant in the “Ageless Living” theme, while lighter shades define the look of the “Community Zone,” “Smart Home,” and “Micro Housing” areas. In terms of material and design, Claudia Küchen has this to say:


schatt 2“Wood colors aren’t heading toward an extremely light, cool look. This Scandinavian colorway was all the rage a few years ago. There’s now a return to somewhat warmer, light tones. The key thing is that we aren’t showing many plain colors at the fair. Wood looks are also important in the furniture sector. This isn’t a given in kitchen design, but wood is still the most important component even in this segment. Additionally, we have stone textures, while graphic or fantasy textures are somewhat less prevalent. Natural materials are much more popular at present. A wood look gives the fixtures a cozier, more natural and warmer appearance,” Claudia Küchen explains.


The “Jackson Hickory” decor from the rotogravure printing collection was definitely the most discussed decor at SICAM, presumably due to the fact that this decor represents an alternative to the oak-look trend and has a notable natural appearance.


New Outlooks in Industrial Rotogravure Printing

The last 10 years have seen an increasing demand for a broader variety of decors in the international market. Furthermore, there is a growing trend toward decor customization. Against this backdrop, they offer digital printing that provides individual solutions and are creating new opportunities for their company and the whole industry – fast, flexible, and efficient. They see digital printing as the perfect complement to rotogravure printing. Of course, this theme was one of our highlights at SICAM.


“What has been really gratifying is to have entered into more in-depth discussions on digital printing with furniture manufacturers. Things that we were considering at Interzum have really come into focus. Our stone decors were a good talking point in discussions with furniture manufacturers about our approach to digital printing. There was a lot of interest in trying things out and working with us,” says Claudia Küchen.


Schattdecor distributed our digital printing brochure, fresh off the press, to SICAM visitors, who were excited about the potential of digital printing.


schattdecor 6Spotlight on Décor Collections

They presented 36 decors from their “Hybrid Classics” and “Digital Visions” collections at SICAM. They also drew a clear distinction between the different collections:


“Hybrid Classics” are comprised of rotogravure and digitally printed decors, available in at least four collection colors. Whether as a wood imitation, stone look, or fantasy design, all of the Hybrid Classics decors come in colored versions. While rotogravure printing offers a maximum of four-color printing, digital printing allows for decors in up to ten colors. The material mix is another plus when it comes to digital printing: this process allows different materials to be combined as required. The “Madalena” decor was a good example of this at SICAM, combining end-grained wood elements and stone textures. The “Digital Visions” collection complements the current range with a series of decors that are exclusively digitally printed. For this collection, our designers have developed especially creative decors, exclusively available in colorways that are optimally suited to the decor. Thanks to industrial digital printing, all of the decors in the Digital Visions collection are now also available in large quantities.


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