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SAOMAD to make 2024 exciting by launching Woodpecker performance

 Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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2023 emerged as a year filled with considerable challenges for SAOMAD, characterised by rigorous research and development efforts that led to the unveiling of the Woodpecker Performance. This milestone demanded a substantial commitment of energy, yet it is now yielding rewards. Unwavering ambition to expand and innovate, continuously challenging the people of SAOMAD, enables them to meet the diverse demands of the market today.

SAOMAD has recently completed two other important projects.

Performance 2: Innovation in community

After launching the revolutionary Woodpecker Performance, the development team of SAOMAD didn’t stop, designing a high-performance, yet affordable machine that bridged the gap between the Woodpecker Mirai 4500 and the Performance itself.

The company has therefore optimised all the solutions implemented in the Woodpecker Performance work center, to create a similar one, but smaller in size: the Performance 2 is born . We can say that the latter is the “facsimile” of the Performance 5, but on a smaller scale, it will in fact be equipped with:

These machines are designed to optimise production capacity and efficiency. From the first tests carried out, Performance 2 is capable of producing from 30 to 40 windows in one work shift , i.e. in just 8 hours of work. Naturally, there is the possibility of making it work in a double shift: just load the machine so that it can also operate at night.

With the Woodpecker Performance 2 they can provide an effective solution to medium and large companies that need to produce within space and budget.


Kairos 620: Saomad experience and technological innovation meets the needs of carpentry

Kairos 620 marks decisive entry into the carpentry market. SAOMAD presented this machine a few years ago, but it is in 2023 that they have made some important changes to optimise it as best as possible.

Kairos 620 stands out for :

Reliability and safety: The partnership with Siemens

Performance 2 and Kairos 620 will also be equipped with Siemens Sinumerik One , the latest evolution of the CNC, a choice that reflects their commitment to innovation and reliability , characteristics that have always distinguished them on the market. The long and fruitful collaboration with Siemens allows SAOMAD to guarantee maximum quality and safety to their customers.

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