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Salvamac presents optimised cutting solutions

Published on : Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Salvamac’s range of industrial cross-cutting saws ranges from automatic saws to semi-automatic machines. They are designed according to ergonomic criteria and produced with solid materials that make them performing even in the most difficult working conditions.


SalvaPush_2000 is Salvamac’s flagship product: a highly technological and innovative automatic cross-cutting saw for wood. The exclusive S-OPTIM software makes this machine a perfect optimizing saw in the woodworking sector. Thanks to the touch-screen and the digital connection, EtherCAT is easy to use and extremely precise.

The SalvaPush_2000 structure is made of hard steel to guarantee reliability and long life. The cutting unit has an inclined plane of 25 degrees as all the feeding area. In their optimizing saw Salvapush_2000 the smart pressing hood, after the first cut, adapts automatically to the thickness of the board.

The machine is completed with two electro-pneumatic side alignment devices, both inside the machine unit, one before and one after the blade.


The woodworking Classic machines are studied in every detail. From operation to ergonomics, from design to safety, from accessible cost to productivity. The Classic 40, 50 and 60 cross-cutting saws require a small investment, but represent a decisive step towards faster, safer and more efficient production.

Operational electric Management System SALVA_OPTIM

The electronic management system consists of a numerical control and integrated computer of the latest generation to encourage the speed of communication up to less than one millisecond.

SALVA-OPTIM Software the ease of use and graphics reflect the main systems of smart electronics. Some sections of the program are dedicated to statistics and cutting results, with updates in real time, diagnostics and video messages. The software allows to have the complete management up to 5 cutting qualities.

The 12″ touch screen of high resistance is positioned to facilitate the reading and the digitation of the data and included a USB connection and a ready to use Tele-service Software via Internet.


An excellent solution to reduce labor costs, avoid waste, increase production and improve productivity.

SalvaStop_100 is the electronic stop that manages with the numeric control the pushing, stopping and positioning of the boards and wooden profiles to be cut. This safe system, regardless of the material, is extremely precise and works at high speed thanks to a latest generation electronic motor.

Our SalvaStop_100 system can be easily integrated on their cross-cutting saw, becoming SalvaStop Combo. One can therefore choose a cutting saw Classic complete with electronic stop to optimize production and increase the level of safety.

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