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Robatech debuts smart gluing solutions

 Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Robatech adhesive application has recently introduced smart gluing solutions for secondary packaging. The adhesive application systems can be used in a wide range of applications, also in on-demand packaging machines for e-commerce. They apply hot melt adhesives economically and still glue secondary packaging reliably.

If secondary packaging is to be glued cleanly and reliably, then the Vision melter and Performa heated hose are an ideal system solution for the final packaging line. We visited Caffè IZZO – the roastery and manufacturer of coffee blends and vending machines – in Italy. The video shows how smart a gluing process can be.

Robatech products are flexible and effective, however available at an affordable price.

Adhesive application systems in the packaging process

Whether you collect and position primarily packaged products into secondary packaging via top-loading, vertical or horizontal cartoning, the adhesive process is essentially the same:

Thermoplastic adhesive is melted, delivered, and applied by application heads to side, bottom, or lid flaps of flat cardboard blanks, pre-folded cartons, or other packaging materials – from the bottom, top, or side. In terms of adhesive application, it does not make much difference, whether the secondary packaging is a wrap-around carton or a folding carton. What is important:

An adhesive application system for gluing secondary packaging basically consists of a melter, heated hose, and application head. Robatech’s systems resemble a modular kit, from which you can select the parts that add real value to your packaging machine or packaging process.

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