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Raugel Agencement makes the best use of Lamello joining solutions

 Tuesday, July 9, 2024

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Raugel Agencement makes the best use of Lamello joining solutions

Based in Molsheim in Alsace, the carpentry company Raugel Agencement is a true regional landmark that combines tradition and innovation. Founded in 1932 by Joseph Raugel and passed down from generation to generation, the family business has earned an excellent reputation thanks to its expertise and the outstanding quality of its woodwork. A key element of this positive development is the introduction of the innovative Lamello joining solutions, particularly the Cabineo connector.

Laurent Raugel has led the company since 2005 and has invested in new technologies to enhance production processes. A prime example of this is the acquisition of the Holz-Her BAZ7535 5-axis machining centre, which employs nesting technology for optimal panel machining. Combined with the Cabineo joining element, which requires only surface treatment, this technology not only saves time in production but also makes it considerably easier to assemble and transport the furniture components. Valued for its robustness and ease of handling, the Cabineo has established itself as an essential tool in the workshop. The carpentry company utilises around 100,000 Cabineos each year.

”For us Lamello is the standard in the woodworking industry, the innovative side is really impressive” explained Lionel Heller, workshop manager

Cabineo: the CNC cabinet connector with many advantages

Lionel Heller has been the workshop manager since 2018. He welcomes us and guides us through the workshop. This is where a dozen employees turn projects into reality. For him, Lamello is an industry standard. “The innovative side is really impressive,” says Heller enthusiastically. The Cabineo is used in 95% of joints and offers numerous advantages: time savings in production, fast assembly and easy transport of flat-packed furniture. In contrast to conventional assembly methods that require wooden dowels, the Cabineo is characterised by its high clamping force. There is also no need for additional guiding elements. This enables the manufacturing and assembly process to be optimised and at the same time ensures high product quality.

Raugel Agencement primarily utilises the Cabineo 12, which is characterised by three 15 mm holes. This assembly method is ideal for furniture that needs to be carried to different floors within a house or transported flat. The parts are initially assembled in the workshop, then disassembled for transport, and finally reassembled at the customer’s site. A perfect fit and smooth assembly are guaranteed.

A new look for an Alsatian bakery

A recent project exemplifies this technological cooperation: the complete redesign of the Klugesherz bakery/confectionery for the Christmas period. Raugel Agencement utilised approximately 1,500 Cabineo 12 connectors to create a warm and bright interior. Completed in just three weeks, the project enabled the bakery to reopen shortly before the holidays. This is a testament to the efficiency and speed of the techniques employed by Raugel Agencement. “At Raugel, we not only create tailored interiors; we create stories,” says Laurent Raugel, beaming.

Raugel Agencement is currently preparing for the integration of the Cabineo X, the latest addition to the Cabineo family. It offers exceptional flexibility thanks to its open housing. In combination with the shelf supports, the Cabineo X is an optimal solution for adjustable shelves, as it prevents the positioned shelves from falling out in an uncontrolled manner.

The adoption of the Cabineo joining element by Raugel Agencement demonstrates how innovation can transform traditional manufacturing and assembly methods. With the recent introduction of the Clamex joining element in the workshop, the future promises to be even more innovative!

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