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PONSSE recorded positive second quarter

 Friday, August 13, 2021

PONSSE recorded a very positive second quarter. The forest machine market continued its very positive development during the second quarter of the year. The good situation in the forest industry and among our customers was reflected favourably in all our business areas. Ponsse’s order flow totalled EUR 236.3 million for the second quarter, increasing our order books to EUR 355.5 million. “Our factory operated efficiently during the period under review, and we manufactured all the PONSSE forest machines included in our production programme as planned.”

Demand for forest machines remained excellent in nearly all of our market areas. During the second quarter, we grew strongly and all our business areas developed positively. The steady work situation of our customers has been evidenced by the strong growth of our maintenance services. In addition, demand for trade-in machines has been high, and the rotation of our trade-in machine stock has developed in a positive direction.

The availability of parts and components continues to be a challenge due to high demand for machine and equipment manufacturing. Together with our suppliers, we are continuously seeking sustainable solutions to curb cost increases.

Net Sales

Consolidated net sales for the period under review amounted to EUR 350.8 (276.4) million, which is 26.9 per cent more than in the comparison period. International business operations accounted for 79.0 (76.0) per cent of net sales.

Net sales were regionally distributed as follows: Northern Europe 35.2 (42.9) per cent, Central and Southern Europe 20.9 (22.8) per cent, Russia and Asia 19.2 (11.5) per cent, North and South America 24.3 (22.1) per cent and other countries 0.4 (0.7) per cent.

Profit Performance

The operating result amounted to EUR 36.3 (21.8) million. The operating result equalled 10.3 (7.9) per cent of net sales for the period under review. Consolidated return on capital employed (ROCE) stood at 21.2 (4.8) per cent.

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