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Pfleiderer values sustainable resources with ReSource

 Monday, June 10, 2024

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Pfleiderer values sustainable resources with ReSource

When it comes to quality, Pfleiderer makes no compromises. This quality standard also includes the highest quality wood recycling of waste wood. This ensures that the raw material is utilised in the best possible way – and with minimal impact on nature and the environment. This is why Pfleiderer recycles wood multiple times and obtains supply from responsible sources.

With ReSource, Pfleiderer demonstrate how waste wood is kept in the cycle of material use as a valuable secondary raw material, thus conserving resources and supporting carbon storage.

Full exploitation of waste wood recycling

According to the several constructive researches, “8 million tonnes of waste wood are produced in Germany every year, depending on the economic situation. More than 50% of this quantity can theoretically be put to high-quality use and processed into a valuable secondary raw material for the production of new wood-based materials.

The German Waste Wood Ordinance, which operates under some of the most stringent regulations in Europe, ensures the removal of numerous health-hazardous elements and compounds from the recycling process.

At Pfleiderer particleboard facilities in Gütersloh, Leutkirch and Neumarkt, they only use materials from waste wood categories A I and A II for waste wood utilisation. Categories A III and A IV are only used for thermal utilisation. Their particleboard is regularly tested in our Arnsberg central laboratory working closely with their suppliers to ensure that the product quality standards for waste wood utilisation are fully complied with.

Pioneers of waste wood recycling

As leaders in waste wood recycling, Pfleiderer particleboards are manufactured with approximately 60% recycled wood content on average. In 2020 alone, they processed about 700,000 tonnes of post-consumer recycled material and have been systematically increasing this percentage over time. Their goal is to maximise the lifespan of wood as a material, ensuring it is utilized to its fullest potential before ultimately being incinerated. This approach delivers significant advantages for both society and the economy.

ReSource is an innovative recycling process for waste wood that makes the separation of foreign matter incredibly reliable and allows all to process the highest quality and quantity of chips. This enables everyone to increase the recyclable proportion of waste wood and optimise the recyclability from procurement to product. This makes particleboard production more flexible, sustainable, high-quality and climate-friendly than ever before and features the highest level of recycling competence.

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