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Pfleiderer Releases 2023 Sustainability Report Highlighting ESG Achievements

 Thursday, June 6, 2024

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Pfleiderer-ESG report

Pfleiderer, a leading manufacturer of high-quality wood-based products and laminates for kitchen, furniture, and construction applications, has released its 2023 sustainability report. This report offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities, which are integral to its corporate strategy. The year 2023 was particularly successful for Pfleiderer in terms of sustainability, highlighted by numerous awards, including the prestigious German Sustainability Award.

The company won another gold medal from EcoVadis and, according to the rating agency
Morningstar/Sustainalytics, was ranked as the second-best company in the building materials industry category, placing it in the top two percent of 15,000 globally rated companies. The highlight was the awarding of the German Sustainability Award 2024 in the Basic Materials/Wood Processing category, which crowned an extraordinary year.

Dr Frank Herrmann, CEO of the Pfleiderer Group, summarizes, “The performance of the Pfleiderer team in terms of sustainability and ESG cannot be overestimated, especially in a challenging business year. A great success, especially since we have far exceeded some of our selfset goals. I am particularly pleased that we have convinced various juries of the strategy and efforts of the company in the crucial area of sustainability resulting in the awards mentioned.”

Focus on Recycling and Cascade Economy
Pfleiderer consistently focuses on recycling and the resource-saving cascade economy as core elements of its sustainability strategy. The company recycles wood until the last technically possible cycle, producing high-quality products from it. This extends the carbon storage capacity of the wood, preventing the premature release of climate-damaging CO2 through the combustion of still recyclable raw materials. Through the consistent implementation of the recycling strategy, Pfleiderer has already achieved its 2025 target of a 50 percent post-consumer recycling wood quota in 2023, ahead of schedule. (following the latest woodworking news).

Product Innovation OrganicBoard Pure with 100% Organic Glue
As early as 2022, Pfleiderer replaced fossil glues with renewable OrganicGlue by 50 percent through the product innovation OrganicBoard P2. In 2023, the company introduced OrganicBoard Pure P2, a product with 100 percent organic glue and 100 percent recycled wood in the core board. Products with such a profile offer a number of advantages: They contribute to the circular economy, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, reduce risks related to rising costs for fossil raw materials, and highlight the Pfleiderer brand in a market increasingly demanding renewable resources in its products.

CO2 Milestone Reached Ahead of Schedule
In 2021, Pfleiderer set the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 21 percent from 2020 to 2025. Through investments and ambitious measures, the company has already achieved a reduction of approximately 39 percent by the end of 2023, significantly exceeding materials. Through the consistent implementation of the recycling strategy, Pfleiderer has already achieved its 2025 target of a 50 percent post-consumer recycling wood quota in 2023, (as per latest woodworking news) ahead of schedule.

Almost 90 Percent of Energy from Biomass
For its energy mix, Pfleiderer has long relied on biomass, which consists of non-recyclable waste wood. The company uses combined heat and power (CHP) plants for electricity and heat generation, meeting almost 90 percent of its energy needs through biomass combustion. The trend is rising.

CEO Dr Frank Herrmann emphasizes, “Of course, we do not rest on our laurels. We have set further ambitious goals for the new business year and beyond. Above all, we want to improve our resource efficiency, feed the waste heat from our plants into urban supply networks, introduce special measures to protect biodiversity, and make our supply chain even more transparent.”

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