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PANTair panel offers a new life to the furniture industry

 Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Evertree, a pioneering designer of plant-based resins, and Seripanneaux, a panel manufacturer, have joined forces to develop PANTair, the first 100% made-in-France bio-based particleboard. This is a much-anticipated development for the furniture industry that will help accelerate its shift toward sustainability.

Made from processed wood panels that use 100% petrol-based resins which, in addition to Evertree, the pioneering creator of the first plant-based resin made from sunflower and rapeseed, and Seripanneaux, a producer of high-quality particleboard, have developed the first 100% made-in-France, bio-based particleboard to respond to the challenges faced by the furnishings industry. “Our two companies are united by a desire to innovate, to promote local and sustainable industrial solutions and to anticipate market changes in order to deliver products that are better for human health and the environment,” explains Nicolas Masson, Chief Executive Officer of Evertree.

“Over the past few years, Seripanneaux and other panel manufacturers had tried to incorporate more environmentally-friendly resins into their processes but the conditions were not quite right. Now it is possible, thanks to Evertree’s comprehensive solution,” explains Manuel Pasquerault, Sales Director of Seripanneaux. “PANTair particleboard is a solution that meets the industry’s needs.

How can you change everything without changing a thing?

By making a panel that delivers the exact same quality and performance as those made with petrol-based resins while being better for human health and the environment.” Indeed, most furniture is adding to the carbon footprint of the finished product, also emit harmful VOCs like formaldehyde.

Evertree x Seripanneaux Deliver the Pioneering, Innovative Vision the Industry Has Been Waiting For PANTair – An Industrial Revolution Rooted in Flowers and Forests made from locally sourced, renewable resources, Evertree resins were developed using a clean, readily available raw material – flowers! The overall carbon footprint of Evertree’s bio-based resins is 80% smaller than that of “traditional” resins that are 100% petrol-based.

The use of all these French-grown, plant-based raw materials significantly reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and, as a result, the overall size of the carbon footprint. This means that the 98% bio-based PANTair particleboards boast a footprint that is 30% smaller than the industry standard.

PANTair is making a name for itself in the furniture industry as the first 100% made-in-France, bio-based particleboard with no added formaldehyde or isocyanate (A+ indoor air quality rating) and made from locally sourced renewable resources. Combined with the MDF panel Evertree developed two years ago using these same bio-based resins, this innovation will revolutionize our kitchens, bathrooms, closets and children’s rooms and enable the furnishings industry in France and around the world to accelerate and expand its transition to greater environmental sustainability.

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