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“Nkc”-integration of logistic and production by Egalware

 Monday, October 3, 2022

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With the increasing price of raw materials and the ever growing competitiveness of the market, it has become even more fundamental to minimise waste and rationalise all production processes. From these premises, the “New Kitting Cell” (“Nkc”) project was born, a software that integrates cam and production management to optimise the entire production cycle, right from the inbound orders. How? “By bringing together in a single architecture features that were traditionally performed by multiple software“, told us Egalware’s technicals.

The “Nkc” project meets a specific need in the sector, because it is Egalware’s belief that to be competitive in terms of quality and productivity it is not enough to have cutting-edge, fast and precise production plants, but it is also necessary to have automated production management.
Egalware started from its main divisions – cad/cam software development and systems for the smart Industry 4.0 – to create a solution that integrates nesting, optimization, workload balancing on multiple plants and production and warehouse logistics management, proposing this system in all respects as a specialized mes for the production of wooden components.

Like the best software in the industry, each instance of “Nkc” is tailor made and designed based on the available plants, machinery and the customer’s production flow.
“Let’s take for example a sofa production plant, characterized by many different production phases. “Nkc” allows the operator to enter an order containing the product assembly kits, which is divided by organizing the pieces by type of raw material in order to carry out the nesting, while taking into account the necessary machining processes“.

The bill of materials for the shift is then created, which an operator takes from the warehouse and orders thanks to the support of a smart device, so the raw materials arrive at the machine ready to be cut into the various parts and labeled. At the time of unloading, the cut parts are divided according to the following phases for which they are intended, and being constantly tracked within the system, they finally arrive into the sorting station where they are reorganized and divided by assembly kit.

This kind of software system makes it possible to exploit the machinery and raw materials available with levels of efficiency that are difficult to match, guaranteeing a “best in class” performance. To say it are the users of this innovative product who have been able to find all the benefits: logistical problems, the need to carry out rework and human errors have dropped drastically since the beginning of the usage of “Nkc”.

“The last customer who adopted the “Nkc” system returned on the initial investment in just six months, contrary to an initial three-year forecast, recording a significant increase in production and profitability“.

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