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Mirka AutoChanger: The future of robotic sanding automation is here

 Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Mirka AutoChanger: The future of robotic sanding automation is here

Mirka brings a new efficient component for automated sanding for the industry. With the aim to ease the working process of the operators, the company developed the AutoChanger as a smart robotised solution for reliable replacement of abrasives in an automated process.

Mirka’s AutoChanger system has been developed for instant replacement of Mirka abrasive discs in a robotized sanding process, to work together with Mirka AIROS 650CV and AIROS 350CV sanding heads. Available for both 77mm and 150mm abrasive discs, the safe, modular and intuitive Mirka AutoChanger is a natural part of a Mirka Automation robotic sanding system.

Coupled to the Mirka AutoChanger, the robotic sanding head is programmed to pick up a new abrasive from the AutoChanger magazine loaded with abrasive cartridges. After performing the sanding operation for the specified number of times, the sanding head discards the abrasive using a special remover, again replacing it with a new abrasive. The sanding process is constantly repeated with a fresh abrasive without fault.

The Mirka AutoChanger system has a modular construction. This provides unparalleled flexibility in integration, with a seamless fit for both new and existing robotic sanding solutions. It can be customised to fit the unique needs of the sanding application. Suitable for dry sanding with both net and multihole abrasives, a correctly set up Mirka Autochanger system provides an industrial sanding process with perfect sanding results, time after time.

Safety is at the core of the Mirka AutoChanger. The system ensures that the operation is not only efficient but also safe for the operator, which reduces the risk of accidents with a system prioritizing operator’s well-being.

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