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MiCROTEC presents its best at EUROBOIS

 Thursday, February 8, 2024

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MiCROTEC presents its best at EUROBOIS

MiCROTEC is presenting its best at the ongoing EUROBOIS. The company is present at booth 5E36 from February 6-9. MiCROTEC is presenting its wide multi-sensor quality scanner for softwood (Goldeneye) and hardwood (Woodeye).

Goldeneye is one of the trusted multi-sensor quality scanner for softwood. The Goldeneye multi-sensor quality scanner family allows one to recognize wood features and defects reliably and accurately to automate, streamline and optimize your production. Combining lasers, cameras, X-ray technology, and Artificial Intelligence increases yield and achieves the most accurate scanning results assuring high and constant quality.

Woodeye that is also displayed in the ongoing event is the other trusted multi-sensor quality scanner for hardwood. Woodeye recognises wood defects reliably and accurately in order to automate, streamline and optimise production. The grading and optimising software considers customer specific grading, chopping and sorting rules to increase yield and final product quality.

Visitors can also experience MiCROTEC’s revolutionary Logeye Stereo stereoscopic imaging system and our quality control tool QC Assist.

Logeye Stereo is a revolutionary transverse stereoscopic real-shape scanner for logsMiCROTEC’s Logeye Stereo stereoscopic imaging system is the only worldwide scanner that provides a full 360-degree scan of a log as it’s rolling into your Carriage, Headrig, End Dogger, or from a transverse to lineal conveyor. Since the scanning takes place as it’s transferred into the position, the log is already fully optimised and ready for sawing the instant it is dogged or sent through a sawline.

QC Assist is a Quality control tool to maximize grading accuracy & recovery. QC Assist lumber evaluation and reporting system supports overall grading performance by improving the efficiency and quality of lumber evaluations. QC Assist’s software provides seamless communication with the scanner system from anywhere in the scanner’s vicinity, allowing users to easily verify and document boards of interest during the QC process.

The specialised sales team is present at the booth to initiate interesting conversations about scanning and optimising solutions. MiCROTEC is making the best use of the opportunity to come closer to its customers while rendering more insights to all.

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