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Metsa Group and CollectiveCrunch develop AI solution

 Tuesday, January 17, 2023

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Metsa Wood

Metsa Group and CollectiveCrunch, a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence to forestry, are developing a tool for recognising and visualising storm and insect damage using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and open data. This joint venture aims to create an application that analyses remote surveying data and scans for storm and European spruce bark beetle damage using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The software’s objective is to spot bark beetle damage in spruce woods before it becomes obvious to the naked eye.

“Metsa Group and CollectiveCrunch aim to provide an application that will add to the digital material we use, for example in maps that indicate storm and insect damage,” says Olli Leino, Director, Digitalisation, from Metsa Group’s Wood Supply and Forest Services.

With the aid of latest technology, we are now more equipped than ever to provide deeper insights into the health of forests and, in particular, into forest transformation, notes Jarkko Lipponen, CEO of CollectiveCrunch. He further continued that the effects of climate change are already being felt in our forests, and CollectiveCrunch is enthusiastic about the chance to create a brand-new service with a pioneer in the forest industry like Metsa Group to improve the health of our forests.

Metsaverkko – Promoting the health of forests
Earlier this year, Metsa Group unveiled an application that estimates expanding stock data by heavily utilising open data, Metsä Group’s own data, and machine learning. The number of trees that have been damaged by a storm can now be reliably calculated without having to check the entire affected region. The Metsa Group’s wood supply employees’ use of map applications and the Metsäverkko service for owner-members will both have access to the map data on bark beetle damage.

The Metsa Group provides Metsaverkko as an online service to assist forest owners in managing their forest assets. Only the owner-members of Metsa Group have access to some of the services in Metsäverkko, such as the future map data showing storm and bark beetle damage.

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