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LIGNA Preview turns into LIGNA Outlook

Published on : Thursday, April 29, 2021

LIGNA Preview becomes LIGNA Outlook: Digital event on May 11 to give preview of planned formats, industry trends and topics. Since LIGNA remains the driving force for the international woodworking and processing industry. In the fall, the organisers of the world’s leading trade show will be staging a new digital networking and content format along the focal themes. Despite the cancellation of LIGNA, this will provide the industry with a platform for innovation, knowledge exchange and networking.

To provide an initial preview of the upcoming formats and the latest industry topics and trends in the woodworking and processing industry, Deutsche Messe will host the LIGNA Outlook on May 11. As the world’s leading trade show for woodworking and wood processing equipment, machinery and tools, LIGNA is looked to as a guide for the key issues that will shape the wood industry in the coming years.

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