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LIGNA 2023 sets impulses for Sustainable Management

 Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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LIGNA 2023 aims at creating the world a better place to reside by providing impulses for sustainable management. Now, with its focus on “Green Material Processing”, LIGNA 2023 is engaging into the development of international sustainability strategies and since LIGNA is the mecca of the wood industry it is the ideal destination for creating awareness on sustainable management.

European Green Deal

Against the backdrop of the European Green Deal, the European Commission’s comprehensive plan to make Europe carbon-neutral by 2050, the woodworking and wood processing industry is facing extraordinary challenges as a result of the developments to be made. LIGNA 2023 will help to highlight the opportunities that lie ahead and identify possible solutions.

Increased use of sustainably sourced wood resources

Not only building materials and furniture, but more and more products from all areas of life can be made from sustainably sourced wood resources. Wood plays an important role in the production of biochemicals. By using enzymes and microorganisms, valuable chemical raw materials can be obtained from wood components such as cellulose and lignin for the production of bioplastics, textile fibers and other biobased products. Also, the use of wood waste and residues as raw materials for the production of bioenergy is also an important area of the wood processing industry.

Topic of the future:

“Processes – and the necessary machinery and equipment for them – of the circular, wood-based bioeconomy will be the defining topic area of the coming years and decades,” also predicts Prof. Dr. Matthias Zscheile from the Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction at the Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences (TH). Zscheile will be a speaker and moderator at various events at LIGNA 2023, and the TH Rosenheim will also be extensively addressing the circular, wood-based bioeconomy.

Exhibitors at LIGNA

These players include, for example, companies such as Siempelkamp and Jowat will be demonstrating at LIGNA 2023 how a sustainable circular economy can be given a boost. Siempelkamp, will present recycling solutions for reuse in Hannover in order to be able to process wood waste efficiently and sustainably into new wood products.

Jowat, an adhesive manufacturer with a long tradition of sustainability, is coming to LIGNA 2023 with adhesives based on sustainable raw materials such as vegetable oils. These adhesives also help to strengthen the circular economy, as they are made from renewable resources and have a lower environmental impact when disposed of than conventional adhesives.

Creating awareness

Creating awareness for safeguarding natural products and balancing bioeconomy is essential. The use of green technologies and processes in the woodworking industry aimed at reducing the use of chemicals.

Awareness of the sustainable use of wood and other natural resources continues to grow – LIGNA 2023 will also make an important contribution to this with its focus theme “Green Material Processing” and put its global reach at the service of sustainable positive change.

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