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LEUCO redefines innovation and sustainability at LIGNA.23

 Thursday, February 16, 2023

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For the first time at LIGNA, LEUCO will present the woodworking and processing industry with a completely new, patent-pending concept for arranging cutting edges on basic tool bodies. Another novelty at the show will be the regeneration of fixed slide milling cutters. Let’s sneak a peek into some quick highlights :

New tool concept based on the Fibonacci principle
At LIGNA, LEUCO will present the distribution of cutting edges on the basic body according to the Fibonacci principle using several tool types, including a Z4+4 nesting cutter with a diameter of 12 mm, the jointing cutters with exchangeable cutting blades “SmartJointer airFace” and Leuco pSystem, and a disk finger cutter.

Regeneration of diamond tipped cutter:
Exclusively for the two market-relevant diamond-tipped jointing cutters LEUCO DIAMAX airFace” and LEUCO DIAREX airFace”, a new technical process at LEUCO allows the option of brazing out the worn cutting edges, brazing in new cutting edges and eroding them. In short, the user virtually receives a new tool with the existing basic body. This regeneration can be carried out several times. The process will be available in Germany for the time being after LIGNA.

Innovations for panel sizing saw blades –
Focus on long tool life

LEUCO users will be able to choose between carbide (“HW”) and diamond (“DP”) tipped cutting materials for panel-sizing saw blades in all performance classes and applications. The tool life may be even longer, which means lower direct tool costs per linear meter and fewer indirect costs such as machine downtime or setup times.

Machining on CNC
Nesting with Leuco “DIACURVE” shank-type cutters

The special feature of this type of cutter at first glance is the arc-shaped or curved cutting edge shape and the unusual design of the diamond tablets. This design is a completely new manufacturing and milling concept.

Digitization = serialization = digital twin.
Re-serialization means profiting more quickly from the benefits of the
digital twin.

The digital twin brings several advantages to the production of a woodworking company. With such data, it is possible to see in retrospect what performance a tool has delivered and to make accurate forecasts for future tool requirements. LEUCO supports the push into digital processes and will show a multi-stage model for the post-serialization of inventory tools at LIGNA.

Sustainability in machine tools: less power consumption, longer tool
life, multiple or flexible use.

LEUCO will focus at LIGNA on examples that can be used to define sustainability on tools, such as less power consumption, longer tool life, and resource-saving manufacturing. Efforts to save
resources have been the focus of trend-setting tool research and development for many years. All in all, the industry today has more sustainable solutions at its disposal than ever before. The tool experts will be highlighting the sustainability aspects at LIGNA.

LEUCO Statement on LIGNA 2023:
For LEUCO, LIGNA is the world’s leading trade fair for the woodworking and processing industry. In Hanover, all suppliers from around the world present bundled the current industry know-how and present live technologies for the future of the industry. Anyone who wants to keep up to date and be inspired should definitely visit LIGNA. It is therefore a matter of course to participate in the world’s leading trade fair with an international team. LEUCO’s mission at LIGNA 2023 is to be the contact for decisive innovations and trendsetting impulses for machine tool issues in woodworking and processing.

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