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LEUCO brings milling advanced materials with thin diameters

 Monday, June 3, 2024

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LEUCO cutter

With its “quartet for every situation”, LEUCO offers an economical cutter for trimming composite components individually for every application and level of difficulty. Innovative tool solutions for composite machining are designed to minimize material loss, reduce process steps, extend tool longevity, maximize chip removal, and ensure clean edge quality. Defining the application parameters precisely in advance allows for more cost-effective solutions.

In composite machining, milling tools with small diameters are mainly used in order to keep the hogging volume of the expensive material as low as possible. Tool diameters between 3 mm and 8 mm are used as standard here.

Low vibration
Thin components in combination with complex 3D contours require cutters with tooth geometries that avoid vibration of the material that is to be machined, which would counteract the milling quality.

LEUCO counters high tool wear caused by the widespread abrasive fibers in laminates with hard cutting edge materials such as PCD or VHW, some with special coatings. LEUCO offers special tooth numbers and tooth geometries for razor-sharp cutting of differently oriented or even tough fibers in composite materials.

Thanks to its large gullet, the LEUCO Z2 PCD cutter is ideal for heat-sensitive materials such as GFRP. Chips can be removed easily from the machining zone during machining and unnecessary heat for the tool is prevented. The alternating shear angle (one cutting edge pulling, one cutting edge pushing) also ensures a good quality of machining edge. Due to the small number of cutting edges, the Z2 PCD cutter convinces with a good price-performance ratio

The LEUCO UniType, ProType and Spiral End Mill are suitable for trimming all types of composite components. The number of teeth, design and various fine adjustments allow high feeds in combination with the best edge quality.

These tools can be designed appropriately for each application. Chip breakers and variable pitches provide additional smoothness during machining and reduce cutting forces. This effect can increase the edge life.

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