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Leica DISTO™ simplifies complex measurements

 Friday, May 17, 2024

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In the coming Materials & Finishes Show to be held from May 19-22 at NEC, Birmingham, Leica will be unravelling Point-to-Point 3D Measuring Technology with DISTO™, the world’s first laser distance meter. Point-to-Point (P2P) 3D Measuring Technology is a ground breaking innovation from Leica Geosystems that revolutionises distance measurement tasks. Leica DISTO™ uses this technology and whether it’s documenting as-built structures, calculating roof dimensions, or integrating data into BIM or CAD software, P2P Technology empowers users to measure anything from anywhere with unparalleled ease and accuracy.

Key Features and Benefits:

Applications Across Industries:

In conclusion, Point-to-Point 3D Measuring Technology, using the new Leica DISTO™ X6-R and Leica DST 360-X Adapter, represents a paradigm shift in distance measurement capabilities. Its’ versatility, digital integration, and advanced functionality empower users across industries to tackle complex measurement tasks with unprecedented ease and precision.

By embracing P2P Technology, professionals can optimize their workflows, enhance productivity, and achieve superior outcomes, ultimately driving innovation and excellence in their respective fields. Experience the transformative power of Point-to-Point 3D Measuring Technology and unlock new possibilities in your measurement endeavours.

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