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Koskisen and CaraGreen successfully introduces Koskisen Zero Panels

 Tuesday, June 11, 2024

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Koskisen and CaraGreen successfully introduces Koskisen Zero Panels

Koskisen introduces “Zero Panels,” its latest product lineup. A standout within this collection is the Zero Particleboard, an innovative particleboard crafted with lignin, a sustainable binder derived from wood, in partnership with Stora Enso. Utilising recycled wood chips from Koskisen, a longstanding Finnish plywood manufacturer with 150 years of experience, this product marks a significant step forward in eco-friendly material solutions.

Employing a lignin-based binder instead of urea formaldehyde-based alternatives, these panels boast a markedly reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional non-renewable particleboards. Crafted with a bio-based binder and exclusively sourced from 100% post-industrial recycled wood chips from Koskisen’s manufacturing operations, these panels exemplify sustainable innovation.

Koskisen Zero panels are ideal for flooring, indoor furniture, and cabinetry. They are durable, reliable, and high performing. The sustainable product make-up ensures full renewability and reduced reliance on fossil-based materials, all while sequestering carbon.

Koskisen’s groundbreaking Zero panels find distribution in the United States through CaraGreen, a recognised authority in environmentally friendly construction materials. This partnership not only expands the availability of Koskisen’s sustainable offerings but also complements the current range, including KoskiDecor EcoTransparent plywood—a line of finished, vibrant, and ornamental plywood tailored for casework, millwork, and furniture applications. With this new collection, environmentally conscious panel choices become more accessible across North America, catering to the needs of both consumers and businesses.

With this new product line the company exemplifies their commitment to CO2 mitigation, environmental responsibility, and human health. Through this partnership, Koskisen and CaraGreen demonstrate a shared commitment to sustainability and high-quality, eco-friendly products.

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