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Kleiberit wows Holz-Handwerk with innovative technology for surface refinement

Published on :Tuesday, March 22, 2016

kleiberitKLEIBERIT once again wows the visitors of Holz-Handwerk with their “Ready to Sell” product with one simple inline production process! The elasticity of the simple application technology HotCoating of KLEIBERIT is for superior to other common UV curing acrylic lacquer systems and also bousts a highly scratch resistant and UV stable surface. This application technology can be used to coat basically all flat materials (furniture parts, ready-to-use flooring, doors, etc.) as well as rolled materials (veneers and papers).

Highly flexible coated veneer/ paper with KLEIBERIT HotCoating®is ideal for the coating of veneer and paper. The highly resistant KLEIBERIT HotCoating® will not yellow and due to an extremely high flexibility, allows even the smallest radiuses to be wrapped without any problems. Faster profit: Veneer users can produce coated veneer in house and no longer need to sand and lacquer the veneer several times.

KLEIBERIT HotCoating® is being requested by more and more users who want to utilize this technology and order machines. KLEIBERIT HotCoating® is a reactive, UV stable PUR system which is applied like a PUR hotmelt. The surface is sealed in a simple inline production process. Sanding and the application of several layers of lacquer, both time and labor intensive, are no longer required.

The resistance and elasticity of KLEIBERIT HotCoating® is so impressive that this system is currently being tested by customers for exterior use (window and facade wrapping). Several veneer manufacturers and users worldwide have already ordered KLEIBERIT HotCoating® machines.

  • KLEIBERIT HotCoating® for flat surfaces in the flooring and furniture industry. KLEBCHEMIE has developed a highly economical solution for the flooring and furniture industry. The extremely effective and lean application system is distinguished through:
  • a simple inline process
  • different surfaces due to variable coat weights
  • through variable application range
  • high line speeds up to 30-50 m/min
  • variable application width up to 1400 mm as standard
  • optimized coating cost through low coat weight
  • no sanding in between
  • safe production through use of standardized machines – results can be reproduced time and time again
  • little production space required
  • low capital expenditure
  • short set up times, simple machine operation

This allows for the possibility to produce already sealed parquet flooring or other surfaces with a low capital investment. KLEIBERIT HotCoating® not only provides a far better surface protection than oiled or waxed surfaces, it also enhances the natural feel of the surface and the optic of the wood used. Significant material cost savings! In comparison to the traditional lacquering process, users of KLEIBERIT HotCoating® realize enormous cost savings through lower coat weights and eliminating time consuming sanding. In the furniture industry, up to 20 % of the material costs per m² can be saved.

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