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Kesla introduces the third generation of the RH harvester head range

 Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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Kesla, one of the leading independent manufacturer of harvester heads launched the completely new Third Generation harvester heads, the KESLA RH-III range.

The all-new heads for the most sold size classes

KESLA 19RH-III and its sister model 21RH-III are real powerpacks for thinning. As a short and compact 3-knifed head the 19RH-III is especially suitable for processing of crooked trees. It’s the lightest head at the market designed for full-time debarking processing of euca and acacia. 21RH-III is technically similar but equipped with double rear knives, making it stronger when handling larger trees. It’s an ideal choice for contractors working at thinnings with various tree sizes. The 21RH-III can be equipped with KESLA proAX dual cutting system and MTH-grapple, which makes the head ideal also for biomass logging.

The KESLA 24RH-III and 26RH-III are truly versatile heads for both thinning and clear cutting. The 24RH-III with three knives is more compact and lighter, making it an excellent choice for handling crooked broad-leaved trees and debarking eucalyptus. The 26RH-III with dual rear knives can handle even large trees with ease, and the delimbing quality is excellent on even the most branchy trees.

Kesla’s largest heads 27/28RH-III and 29/30RH-III have also undergone through renewal and now represent the design and technology of the third generation.

The design of the new models has progressed hand in hand with the renewal of Kesla’s manufacturing technology, and evolving automation has been taken into account in the design from the very beginning. The frame modules are machined as a one piece after the welding assembly, and the moving parts make use of casting to a great extent. This brings the structures’ dimensional accuracy to a new level.

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