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Kerto LVL is a perfect example of sustainable construction

 Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Kerto LVL

Kerto LVL is an excellent choice for load-bearing timber frames in apartment blocks, whether for new construction, renovation projects, or adding additional stories to existing buildings. Remarkably, Kerto LVL requires up to 60% less material compared to other commonly used wood materials, making it a highly efficient option for structural applications.

Kerto® LVL is a compelling option to steel and concrete but outperforms also other wood-based solutions. The strength-to weight-ratio of Kerto LVL is close to steel and allows to build load-bearing structures with less material, leading to lighter elements, less emissions and more square meters for habiting the building.

For example, in a load-bearing exterior wall element, switching from 140 mm thick CLT to a 69 mm thick Kerto LVL Q-panel with equivalent load-bearing capacity means a 51% reduction in the use of wood material, resulting in a 71 mm thinner wall element. For an apartment with 15 meter of outer wall, this reduction in thickness means 1 square meter additional floor area to sell or rent.

The construction of the 8-storey residential building, measuring 20 x 16 meters in floor plan, strictly complies with Swedish regulations. It meets the necessary fire safety standards, with load-bearing walls rated at Fire class R90 and floors at R60. To ensure optimal acoustic comfort, the partition walls are classified as sound class B, as recommended by an acoustic designer.

Both the outer and internal walls are load-bearing and bracing walls, while the insulation is done using mineral wool. Additionally, the building is designed to withstand a snow load of 2.0 kN/m² and a wind load of 24 m/s, corresponding to terrain type II in Stockholm.

Recently, Metsä Group has integrated maintenance operations of its plywood and Kerto LVL mills as part of its own organisation. At present, the maintenance of the company’s plywood and Kerto LVL mills has been outsourced to the industrial maintenance company Quant.

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