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Kenfairy brings Stabiterm-107 to enhance fire safety measures

 Monday, March 11, 2024

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Kenfairy Stabiterm-107

Kenfairy is happy to announce that they took initiative to enhance the fire safety measures by offering new Stabiterm-107 fire rated intumuscent wood coating – Clear. This presentation explores the benefits of fire-rated intumescent wood coating for enhancing fire safety.

What are the advantages and applications of this innovative solution?

Understanding fire-rated wood coating

Fire-rated wood coating is a specially formulated treatment that provides protection against fire damage. It acts as a barrier, preventing the spread of flames and reducing the risk of structural damage.

Benefits of fire-rated wood coating

The use of fire-rated wood coating offers numerous benefits, including increased fire
resistance, improved structural integrity, and enhanced safety for occupants.

Stabiterm-107 two-component varnish is designed and equally effective for use on wood, wooden structures, wood-based products and materials, including chipboard and HDF. It has all the properties of parquet varnishes and provides great fire protection efficiency.

Unique features:

Applications in building design

Fire-rated wood coating is suitable for various applications, such as interior, surfaces, such as interior, surfaces, decorative elements, and structural components, providing a versatile solution for fire safety in building design.

Case studies and success stories

Real-life examples and success stories demonstrate the effectiveness of fire- rated wood coating in preventing fire damage and preserving the integrity of wooden structures, offering valuable insights for implementation.

Fire-rated wood coating is a crucial element in enhancing fire safety and protecting wooden structures. Its proven benefits and diverse applications make it an indispensable solution for architects, builders, and property owners.

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