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Kastamonu introduces a fresh set of decorative panels

 Thursday, October 19, 2023

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One of the most well known manufacturers of laminate floorings and MDF in Russia, Kastamonu has recently enhanced its product portfolio with the introduction of EvoSoft double-sided decorative panels.

Kastamonu is a rapidly developing company, which introduces new technologies to increase production efficiency and competitiveness of products. It develops new products and solutions for a wide range of consumers and develops its export potential. In September 2023, Kastamonu released an entirely new brand of double-sided ultra-matte decors in trendy pastel colors, each adding a special elegance and luxury to the interior. The collection was inspired by natural beauty, each decor is named after a precious stone: White Porcelain Onyx, Grey Basalt, Ashy Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Steel-Colored Graphite, Silver Alloy, Moon Topaz, Cold Pearl, Smoky Agate, Aquamarine, Dusky Jade, White Tin, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper. Due to the PET coating and production technology, the surface of the panels is highly resistant to fingerprints, stains and scratches. Other advantages include: environmental friendliness, durability, variability – such panels will fit into almost any style. Kastamonu designers closely monitor trends and offer solutions that make it possible to create a modern space with a unique design.

The EvoSoft new product positions were premiered at the large-scale Conf-Fu furniture conference in St. Petersburg on September 8, 2023 by Kastamonu. In addition, Evogloss and Acrylic brands, including the Acrymat collection, were presented. Acrymat is a collection of high-tech acrylic matte panels of the Acrylic brand. The panels are produced according to advanced unique technologies by applying Senosan AM1800TopMatt AF acrylic sheets on MDF boards. All Kastamonu decorative panels are characterized by high strength of materials, ease of care, uniform and rich color. These products inspire the creation of modern, functional design solutions and are irreplaceable for finishing kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, as well as walls in any living space. Highlighting the journey before the introduction of such innovative products, Ali Kilic, CEO of Kastamonu Russia said, “Prior to release a new product, we conduct thorough research into product market demand, study trends, continually improve the production process and maintain the highest quality standards. We are proud that our team has released a product that represents an excellent opportunity for our partners to expand their product line and meet the needs of our customers. We are sure that EvoSoft will increase the attractiveness and level of comfort in any interior.”

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