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Karl Segerström AB depends on MiCROTEC Logeye for greater efficiency

 Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Located in the woods of Fagersta, Sweden, Karl Segerström AB is a fourth-generation family-owned sawmill with a yearly production of 60.000 m3 sawn products yearly. Karl Segerström specialises in spruce, with exports mainly to the European markets.

When investing in a new measuring system in the logyard, Karl Segerström AB evaluated different manufacturers and decided for MiCROTEC based on the technical features and benefits of the Logeye.

The Logeye multi-sensor scanner utilises laser and colour to generate a high-precision real 360° shape of the log, based on very accurate measurement data for Log Sorting and cutting optimisation. The Logeye has a high precision both for over and under bark detection, even in the presence of ice and snow, making it an excellent choice for the northern market.

“The features we were looking for, that MiCROTEC was able to provide, were the combination of colour cameras and laser triangulation that provides an underbark measurement that has worked very well.” – Björn Segerström, CEO of Karl Segerström AB.

The Logeye was installed in 2023 and is used for measuring, payment grading and sorting. After installation, the Logeye at Karl Sgerström has been producing since day 1.

“The installation of the Logeye went very well according to schedule and we were running on the scheduled date.” Continues Björn Segerström.

“I recommend other sawmills like us to invest in a MiCROTEC scanner. We are seeing a good return on the investment and the results so far.” Björn Segerström concluded.

For a smaller sawmill like Karl Segerström, Logeye is an ideal investment because of its cost efficiency and high performance.

Why Logeye?

Logeye is a basically multi-sensor scanner utilises laser, colour, and X-ray channels to provide a wealth of accurate data for log sorting and cutting optimization based on overbark and underbark diameter, length, curvature, and taper, as well as internal quality features. Rock-solid hardware, modularity, stability and innovative technology make the Logeye the most versatile scanner for a sawmill.


A wide family

The Logeye family is a range of scanners covering multiple tasks in the sawmill. Models in the Logeye family cover accurate log sorting, reliable log grading, cutting volume optimization, and log tracking. The addition of the color module increases scanner performance and introduces the ability to visually classify round wood.

MiCROTEC Connect

As a part of the MiCROTEC Connect solution, Logeye is the link between the logyard and the sawline. The Logeye recognizes every single log throughout a multitude retrieving the cutting solution computed by the CT Log together with the best angle rotation for the cut. In combination with the CT Log and the Goldeneye scanners, the quality of each board is monitored, knowing at any time from which log and in which position a board comes from.

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