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Juodeliai achieves sustainability milestone with SURE scheme certification

 Monday, February 26, 2024

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Juodeliai achieves sustainability milestone with SURE scheme certification

In the month of February, one of the leading producers of wooden pallet elements in Europe, Juodeliai successfully completed a voluntary certification process under the SURE scheme. The certification that the company received in the process shows that the by-products obtained during the production of “Juodeliai”- meet the sustainability requirements established in the RED II directive of the European Union (EU) and are suitable for biofuel production. These by-products These by-products include things like wood chips, sawdust and bark.

The SURE certification scheme is one of the voluntary schemes officially recognized by the European Commission to certify the sustainable use of biomass in the production of electricity or heat and throughout the supply chain.

The company too this sustainable leap for the better expansion of its business. The SURE certificate granted to “Juodeliams” confirms that the by-products obtained during production, from which biofuel can be produced, meet the requirements set out in the RED II directive: the by-products of production are not created artificially or mixed with any other biomass; obtaining these products does not emit additional greenhouse gases.

“Juodeli” was certified by the global certification and inspection company “Bureau Veritas” in accordance with the requirements of the SURE scheme.

JUODELIAI started as a small family business and still continues its activities as a company belonging to the TMV CAPITAL group. It has a popular reputation as one of Europe’s leading producer of wooden pallet blanks. The company uses the most advanced technologies that allow to ensure a fast production process while maintaining the highest quality of production. The annual production capacity reaches 650,000 m 3 , the amount of processed wood – up to 1,300,000 m 3 per year.

Continuous growth and many years of experience led to JUODELIAI not only crossing the borders of Lithuania, but also becoming one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallet blanks in Europe. The company’s products also reach partners in Asia, North America and Africa. With further certification, the company now aims to strengthen its growth and reach.

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