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Junnikkala works closely with Veisto to open the Oulu sawmill

 Monday, March 4, 2024

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Junnikkala works closely with Veisto to open the Oulainen sawmill

The cooperation between Junnikkala Oy and Veisto Oy is finally leading to the operation of the efficient Oulu sawing line at 100 % capacity in July 2024. This particular cooperation started in 2008, when Veisto delivered a sawing line to Junnikkala’s Oulainen sawmill.

An agreement between Junnikkala and Veisto to supply the sawing line to Oulu was signed in early summer 2021. After signing Veisto and Junnikkala worked closely together for two years, discussing issues, such as the length of the line and equipment compatibility. Project Manager Timo Mäkelä and Plant Manager Antti Kyröläinen took lead of the project. Junnikkala started construction work on the site and Veisto began manufacturing the machines after the finalising of all details. Installation began in September 2023 while commisssioning took place in December. As the result of all these systematic proceedings the line will finally start operating in July 2024.

The world’s most modern sawing line
Veisto Oy is a Finnish family-owned company founded in 1964, with a production plant in Mäntyharju. The company, which has grown rapidly in recent years, and currently employs approximately 300 people.

Junnikkala and Veisto have a lot in common; both are Finnish family-owned companies of roughly the same age that have grown over the decades to become major players in their respective fields.

Marko Järvinen, Technical Director of Veisto Oy, tells us about the sawing line delivered to our sawmill in Oulu, the process and our cooperation.

– The Oulu line represents “the latest and greatest in sawmill technology”. Sawing is done in three stages with three main machine units, optimization takes less than a second and the 101-metre line has a speed of 60–180 meters per minute. The sawing line uses technology, that takes into account Junnikkala’s wish to have the option to add DX-units, which would allow two-stage through-sawing at a line speed of 250 metres per minute. To improve energy efficiency, we have done product development especially in the hydraulic system, which is as energy-efficient and quiet in operation as possible, says Järvinen.

A multi-year process

At Veisto, the Oulu project has kept sales, design, and production teams busy. During the field installation, there were up to thirty Veisto staff and their subcontractors working simultaneously on site. In the current commissioning phase, there are still 1–5 Veisto employees present, mainly in training roles. For Junnikkala, the project has also employed a wide range of people including production planning, operational management, operators, and maintenance.

Long and smooth cooperation
– Junnikkala has a good team and realistic goals. They have been very well-planned and well-managed, which is why the cooperation has gone extremely well and without any major surprises. Our project manager has especially praised Junnikkala’s performance during the most critical phase, the installation, when the company stuck strictly to the schedule and enabled everyone to work efficiently and safely. The cooperation with our customers will always continue throughout the 25–30 year lifetime of our equipment, including developing and upgrading new functions for existing lines. In this way, they remain at the highest technological level for decades,” says Järvinen.

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