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Jiangsu Huidian puts trust on U-Flaker from Siempelkamp

 Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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Another major accomplishment for a ground-breaking Siempelkamp idea in China: Jiangsu Huidian New Materials Co., Ltd. started using its U-Flaker in Shuyang on June 9. As a result, China is using the third U-flaker from the Siempelkamp Group, and two more are being created by Guangxi and Shandong plant owners.

In the Asian market, in particular, the concept of the U-Flaker is considered revolutionary, as it answers the importance of hybrid plate production. These special panels combine a middle layer of long, particularly slender chips with a thin surface layer of fine chips.

The U-Flaker from Pallmann, a subsidiary of Siempelkamp, sets new benchmarks for this kind of board in terms of both product quality and resource efficiency. Using the direct machining method, knife shafts produce high-quality chips with good flexural strength; plates from these chips have this trait. The chips are cut parallel to the grain, resulting in longer average lengths and thinner, better-quality chips. The reduction in panel weight of up to 10 to 15 percent is also significant. 

The glue consumption and the electrical installed power are significantly reduced compared to the classic two-stage process, – which are the investment and operating costs for the plant operator.

Other types of wood unsuitable for direct chipping procedures and logs with a tiny diameter of less than 80 mm can be used. In addition, some excellent chips can be made from practically any starting material by chipping with a knife shaft. 

Therefore, practically all raw materials like trunks, rinds, or cores from the veneer peeling process are appropriate for the U-Flaker in Shuyang. The ability to process locally available wood without requiring extensive transportation routes also helps to produce boards that are very environmentally friendly.

“Both the product properties and the resource efficiency of our concept are convincing in the market; the large savings in raw materials alone make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of our panels in price-sensitive markets,” says Marc Müller.

The immense contribution of the Siempelkamp team made it possible and provided an optimum result

The successful start-up at Jiangsu Huidian is based on the commitment and efficiency of the Siempelkamp team: The employees of Siempelkamp Qingdao and the German branches, above all “Team Pallmann”, cooperated in close dialogue with the customer team. The system’s performance, product quality and on-site support were rewarded with great praise from the customer.

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