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It’s all about turning perfectly for Barth at LIGNA.23

 Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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At the upcoming LIGNA, for Barth it’s all about turning device, powerful lifting table and mobile assembly table in one – work efficiently and ergonomically!

The new wendoLIFT family from Barth is all about the following three maxims: ergonomic working, minimising injuries to the employee and avoiding damage to the workpiece.

Turning workpieces is probably one of the most frequent purely manual activities in the woodworking trade. Depending on the staffing, this can be a tiresome and sometimes exhausting task. And the larger, bulkier and heavier the workpieces, the more demanding this process becomes. In factories where several employees have to turn hundreds of parts a day with their bare hands for lack of suitable equipment, this can lead to problems in the long run. There is a risk of physical wear and tear or even injury to the employees as well as damage to the workpieces due to uncontrolled or too fast movements. In such cases, the wendoLIFT range from Barth GmbH can provide a remedy. It includes mobile and reliable work tables with turning devices designed for component weights from 140 to 450 kilograms. Thanks to their compact design and flexible alignment as well as easy handling, they are suitable for numerous locations.

“Sensitive glass parts, heavy cold room elements or large-format wooden panels for further processing: all these components are united by the fact that they are often turned by hand in production. Two or more employees lift the workpiece onto a lifting table or carry it to the next manual workstation, which is labour-intensive and at the expense of ergonomics and employee health. When developing the wendoLIFT, we therefore focused on the idea of designing a practical helper for very different production locations that is neither too large nor too complex to operate,” says Markus May, Managing Director of Barth GmbH, summarising the intention behind the wendoLIFT once again. The development goal was a mobile, reliable and robust solution that can handle a high number of workpieces per day without wear and maintenance. However, the new wendoLIFT family not only meets this requirement profile, it also has various work surface designs to enable workpieces to be aligned flexibly by just one employee, safely and with minimum back strain. Even individual adaptations for specific workpieces are to be constructively implemented by Barth. The focus is always on ergonomic working and minimising injuries to employees and damage to the component.

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