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interzum 2023 to present towering furniture aesthetics

 Thursday, February 23, 2023

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Inspiring furniture aesthetics will come live at the upcoming interzum in Cologne, and exhibit ways in which sustainable solutions are leading to new furniture innovations.  “The various forms of change taking place will result in a new aesthetic in furniture design,” designer Kristina Meyer is certain.

“This new aesthetic and a different approach when it comes to product development will transform furniture construction and home living,” according to Meyer. Under the heading “Furniture in Change – Shifting Boundaries” they are curating the Function & Components Trend Forum with innovative design ideas.

The potential of fittings and lighting systems

The special event at interzum will outline how the fittings and lighting industry is coming up with innovations to prepare for the future, and the themes and issues it is currently tackling. Components such as fittings or lighting systems play a significant part in enabling new designs and home living concepts to be applied to actual products, as they are quite literally the elements that keep everything connected.

Neo-ecology in focus

The Function & Components Trend Forum will be focusing on neo-ecology as the main theme for this year’s interzum.

Neo-ecology includes concepts such as resource-efficiency, use of renewable energy and innovative materials, and product development that takes into account the entire lifecycle of a product and beyond.

“In this special event area, we will be highlighting concepts that demonstrate or emphasise on the product the key requirements when it comes to neo-ecology,” says Thorsten Rosenstengel. “We have divided the topics into circular design, new flexible approaches to furniture and spaces, new technologies, “no more fittings” and new aesthetics.”

Solar design – technological and aesthetic innovation

As part of the special event, new products and prototypes will be on display that demonstrate how the need to conserve resources is leading to new design solutions.

“The concept of solar design is another one that excites us,” says Kristina Meyer from byform. This trend aims to incorporate solar technology fully into day-to-day life. But it also involves a new aesthetic approach, with the aim of eliminating that familiar sight of black surfaces on the roofs of houses,” says Meyer.

An exhibit that makes this new technology visible on a conceptual level will also be on display in the special event area.

Creative staging to spark new ideas and initiatives

“Taking centre stage are innovative and ecologically sustainable solutions to future challenges,” says Kristina Meyer. The wealth of new ideas for product designs is set to spark an inspiring and forward-looking exchange of ideas.

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