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ICRO offers perfect wood coating for absolute material protection

 Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Wood protection is important, and when it is exposed to moisture in areas like bathroom or kitchen, protective coatings become even more essential. The protection of wood in the bathroom furniture is perfectly possible with the ICRO coating solutions.
For years now, ICRO Coatings has been offering wood varnishes that allows in protecting the bathroom furniture. And they have introduced wood paints by using that one may not have to give up the charm, warmth, tactile sensations and even the aroma of wood in the bathroom and can be used for modern tops, furniture, panels, walls and floors.

As for the material, wood is undoubtedly a very interesting choice, because it helps to create a feeling of warmth and intimacy, and gives elegance to the environment.
Among the most suitable varieties for the bathroom we find pine, oak, acacia, chestnut, beech and larch: you will be spoiled for choice for shades, physical characteristics and aesthetic presence.
Some of these choices, such as acacia and larch, demonstrate greater water resistance, but in principle it is necessary to protect the wood in the bathroom, as its porosity leads it to absorb the water that is inevitably present in the room, such as drops or humidity, as well as coming into contact with various substances contained in hygiene and cleaning products.

The protection of wood in the bathroom furniture
Many think of the bathroom only as a space to insert sanitary ware, in which the functional needs far outweigh the aesthetic concerns but reality tells us instead that we spend a lot of our time in this environment. Time that paradoxically we should spend in the most optimal psychological condition for a true condition of relaxation.

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