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How WoodScanner helps to keep track on wood market stock of timber industry?

 Monday, April 22, 2024

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The timber industry features one of the most unpredictable markets, with daily shifts in stock and prices. This is one of the most time-taking jobs for a woodworking professional. Also, for the timber buyers, managing these fluctuations demands considerable effort: constantly updating spreadsheets, making numerous phone calls, and cross-referencing prices with a trusted yet limited network of suppliers.

If you are one of the timber sellers, who wants to get rid of the traditional way of sharing your stock availability, then WoodScanner is the one-stop solution for you! WoodScanner helps to decrease the burden of keeping track on wood stock market as it considers one of the volatile markets in worldwide. The market fluctuations are high in this particular industry, so, it’s of course a no light road for anyone!

The time is ripe, therefore, for an evolution in the industry – WoodScanner.com is it. Launched in September 2019, their digital marketplace has been taking root in the industry and reducing workloads for the buy and supply community.

WoodScanner is a free platform to use as timber buyers – and it always will be for every timber professionals. All you need to just set-up an account to start comparing and connecting. Even, if you are a timber seller, they will help you to get set up to list your products. After that, they will charge a small listing fee that gives you entry to the digital market. The goal of WoodScanner is to make it cost-neutral for sellers.

Isn’t it interesting?

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According to the professionals of Woodscanner, “It is the first-ever digital marketplace designed to help you order the timber you need quickly and cost-effectively. It gives you instant access to timber suppliers from around the UK, allowing you to compare their stock and prices, like for like, in real-time. This means, with just a few clicks, you’ll get immediate answers to help you and your team fulfil incoming enquiries and customer orders related to the timber industry.”

“You’ll then be able to place an order directly with a supplier having weighed up all the available options and deals.”

Source: WoodScanner

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