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Hettich brings Actro 5D bottom mounted runner for drawers

 Monday, April 1, 2024

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Hettich introduces Actro 5D bottom mounted runner for drawers

Hettich marks the confluence of elegance and innovation, with the super efficient Actro 5D hidden runners. This new innovative product is here to elevate the heart of one’s home with the seamless integration of the efficient drawer runners, that is elegantly designed for island benchtops, laundry or wardrobe applications.

This latest iteration of the wooden drawer system runner boasts a new ‘latch concept’—a simple, intuitive release mechanism that welcomes the elimination of manual lifting. Just a gentle press on two discreet latches allows the drawer to glide away from its secure position, combining ease with elegance.

This innovative feature isn’t just about visual appeal; it ensures stability and security, encapsulating the drawer within the island’s sleek lines when not in use. Crafted from robust plastic, these catches promise longevity and performance, proving that strength and sophistication can indeed coexist. With defined ease, one can switch from casual breakfasts to grand evening entertaining, with all essentials tucked away neatly, yet always at your fingertips. The island bechtop isn’t just a centre of activity; it becomes a statement of discerning taste, where the beauty of design meets the pinnacle of practicality.

About Actro 5D

Actro 5D fittingly gets its name from the runner system’s ability to be adjusted in 5-way directions, with its narrow reveals and large front panels allowing the runner to be hidden below the drawer to create a seamless and clean look. It’s synchronised system allows for smooth running and with a load capacity up to 70kg.

With the introduction of new catches, all Actro 5D and Actro YOU runners will feature a cut-out window to seamlessly accommodate – the standout feature is based in the ‘latch concept’, with users now effortlessly being able to release drawers from the runner by simply pressing two latches, eliminating the need to uplift the drawer manually.

Hettich is a renowned manufacturer of cabinetry hardware fittings and is recognised as one of the largest in the world. The company is committed to developing intelligent technology for Residential and Commercial applications. Continuous efforts put together, Hettich produces innovative products like Actro 5D that fulfils customer needs and desires.

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