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FIMMA + Maderalia plans to host ‘Work{H}ub’ by Estudi{H}ac

 Thursday, February 8, 2024

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FIMMA + Maderalia plans to host 'Work{H}ub' by Estudi{H}ac

FIMMA + Maderalia, the biennial of solutions, materials and technology for the wood, furniture and contract industry will once again focus on the interior design and design sector. This will be done with a new innovative and revolutionary space, called ‘Work{H}ub’ , designed by the mind creative by José Manuel Ferrero and his Estudi{H}ac design team. It is ‘coworking’ space that pays tribute to the art of design and research. The space will include nine spaces created from materials and solutions proposed by the FIMMA + Maderalia exhibitors.

In this sense, it means giving continuity to groundbreaking proposals that arouse the interest of the entire prescription and contract segment, that is, of design, interior design and architecture professionals who specialize in devising comprehensive projects for communities (stores, hotels, offices, etc. .). Already in the last edition, FIMMA + Maderalia hosted a space with these characteristics such as the applauded Taylor{H}otel, also designed by the Estudi{H}ac team and which recreated different rooms of a hotel. That project was a key point of attraction during the fair, something that we want to repeat at FIMMA + Maderalia 2024, which will return from May 14 to 17 at Feria Valencia.

What is Work{H}ub 2024?

From the design studio of José Manuel Ferrero, this new space is proposed as a central point where companies and visitors will discover a new way of working, collaborating and creating synergies. The approach seeks to strengthen the collaborative environment through a different proposal, composed of many areas that will represent a typology of new ways of working and integrating teams in companies, where strategies and ideas are produced in an inspiring place.

Thus, Work{H}ub will bring together different areas that will represent in a real way, the uses and applications of the great variety of material proposals that we can discover in each of the stands of the participating companies. Real spaces that will facilitate and awaken interest and contact between industries.

“Our workhub will be your starting point to discover the great offer that exists in materials and their applications. Based on a very architectural and neutral base color, the different volumes are reflected that will give way to the house area, a space to host the meeting of lovers of materials in a relaxed, exciting and inspiring atmosphere. With spaces for meeting, work, collaboration, exchange, relationship and rest,” they explain from the studio.

Different specialised and work areas

The project is structured around different areas or specialised zones, each characterised with unique shapes, textures and colours and delimited by columns that will act as surrounding factors of the spaces and that offer the possibility of showing a different material within the same range.

These will be the nine spaces or zones in which the FIMMA + Maderalia 2024 Work{H}ub project is structured.

· The space will begin with a Reception area in which the counter furniture will be the undisputed protagonist of the entrance and where color plays a fundamental part in its impact. With a fluid and organic design, it is the meeting point for those who enter and a declaration that the design is present from the beginning of the tour.

· The Art Exhibition Room will show different forms of material that are conceptually synthesised to transform into an artistic piece, resulting in a three-dimensional painting that, depending on the point of view, changes the perception of the work. In front of it, a strategically placed bench that invites one to take a seat and contemplate the piece.

· The ‘Shop Box’ retail space integrates shelves on both sides that form a corridor that invites one to cross to explore the different collaborating companies through images. It is a space for discovery and exploration of the products manufactured by different brands.

· An exhibition of materials ‘Materioteca de Tendencias’ will also be set up. It is a place where the artist finds inspiration and selects the materials that will give life to his next projects. A library of materials that reflects the latest design innovations that awaken the artist’s curiosity

· For its part, the work area ‘El Taller’ will try to synthesise in a very powerful way the work space of the creative-artist. A usually private and intimate space for the creative, which opens to show the artist’s next creations and whose final result manages to transport us inside his creative process and observe his way of working with half-finished works, industrial machinery and transport boxes.

· Another notable area will be the bedroom area called ‘ Artist Room’, which will be located next to the workshop and which acts as an intimate refuge for the artist, a space where they can rest after the creative sessions. From the room one has access to the workshop, allowing the artist to maintain a link with her work, but allowing them to recharge their energies and meditate on her projects. A space that offers balance between work and rest.

· Meanwhile, the ‘Work Area’ office area will be the ‘coworking’ area itself and is designed to inspire collaboration and innovation. People gather around a table to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and foster creativity. It is the epicenter of productivity where workers sit to advance their projects. In the back, a wall where the creative process of the companies is shown through moodboards with photographs, notes and manuals of their products. Along the wall, a cabinet that provides a touch of colour and serves to support corporate material.

· The agora-shaped space ‘Talks Room’ appears as much more than a mere stage for presentations; It is an environment that invites dialogue, reflection and collaboration between brands and their customers. Equipped with screens to continuously offer visual content while lectures are not being given.

· Finally, the bar area will be the ‘Lounge Bar’ , in the back area of ​​the agora, and where there is a bar designed to create a more relaxed atmosphere away from the possible talk that is being given. It is also accompanied by a conceptual armchair in the shape of a chain that symbolises the union between the different companies in this space and brings color to the area.

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