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FIMMA + Maderalia 2024 is about to launch Academia Maderaula

 Friday, December 15, 2023

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FIMMA + Maderalia 2024 is about to launch Academia Maderaula

FIMMA + Maderalia has doubled down on the commitment it made ahead of the upcoming edition of the fair to highlight one of the business channels of the future for wood: wood-based industrialised construction. In line with this commitment, the fair has launched several new features in partnership with consultancy WWF (World Wood Future) and is introducing the Academia Maderaula platform, an ambitious theoretical and practical initiative developed by the Cesefor Technology Centre of Castilla y León.

In the words of Manuel García, head of Cesefor’s Wood Construction Department, the move is “the biggest commitment a Spanish trade fair has ever made to building with wood and creating a common language around sustainability in our industry”. The initiative is ambitious and aims to show all
visitors to FIMMA + Maderalia the secrets of industrialised construction of light structural frameworks made of wood, a fast-growing form of construction.

Academia Maderaula at FIMMA + Maderalia

What will the ‘Academia Maderaula’ consist of? The project will comprise two large spaces, one located in the FIMMA halls, the other in the Maderalia halls. A training area will be created within each of the spaces where a series of micro- talks and presentations on the topic will be given, as well as live demonstrations of techniques for building with wood.

Directly linked to this, a small house, or ‘mini-home’, made of prefabricated wood modules will be assembled then dis-assembled, over just three days, within one of the areas of the Academia Maderaula. During these sessions attendees will be able to see the full process involved in building this kind of house, from assembly to the final finish and subsequent dis-assembly. The initiative will give visitors the chance to see at first hand the composition and structure of the different prefabricated panels used in the build, and the system to follow to assemble them properly, thereby achieving a fast, safe build that is
highly energy efficient.

The idea is to show industry professionals in particular how wood is fast emerging as a material that because it is 100% sustainable and can contribute to a significant reduction in carbon footprint has great prospects for the future. As Manuel García at Cesefor explains, “it is about providing a focus on wood’s entire value chain: from the mountain to our homes. This is a global project that – and this is something new – also provides a focus on the technology that makes it possible to transform wood into a construction material fully adapted to the current demands of our homes. Maderaula will as a result be bringing a different perspective to FIMMA + Maderalia along with a new language around new ways
of building”.

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