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FIMMA + Maderalia 2024 expands with new spaces dedicated to industry innovation and trends

 Monday, April 15, 2024

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FIMMA + Maderalia

The 2024 edition of FIMMA + Maderalia, a biennial event focusing on materials, technology, and solutions for the furniture, wood, and contract sectors, is set to introduce exciting additions. Scheduled from May 14-17 at Feria Valencia, the event will feature two new areas devoted to showcasing the latest in technology and materials. These sections will highlight innovative and disruptive products and are designed to foster research and development within the industry. Attendees can also look forward to practical-focused talks and technical sessions that aim to promote ongoing R&D efforts in these sectors.

The two spaces, titled the ‘Innovation Essentials Show’ and ‘FIMMA Future’, are two disruptive initiatives conceived and coordinated by the AIDIMME Technology Institute. AIDIMME is the driving force behind the scheme, which is designed to promote a broad segment of the value chain of the sectors of industry represented at the fair. The initiatives embrace everything from materials and the raw materials used to make them, products and production processes, to industry regulations covering the quality and safety of goods while they are being used, mandatory compliance with legislation, laboratory trials and certifications, R+D and training.

‘Innovation Essentials Show’

This exhibition area, set to be in Hall 3, Level 3 at FIMMA + Maderalia, will showcase the product innovations that exhibitors are showing at the fair and will comprise a selection of around a hundred components, elements and finished products that are about to be launched onto the market.

The technical details of the items selected will be displayed alongside each item, together with the stand number of the exhibitor concerned. In addition, technical advisors from AIDIMME will be available to answer any queries visitors may have. Proposals for items to be exhibited can be sent to AIDIMME now.

‘FIMMA Future’

The other AIDIMME initiative at FIMMA + Maderalia is the new ‘FIMMA Future’ space. Located in Hall 1 on the biennial trade fair’s Level 2, it will show the new manufacturing processes using layering technologies – commonly referred to as 3D-printing – that are used to make products or parts with amazing geometric lines, in both metal and polymers.

‘FIMMA Future’ will focus on technologies that can be deployed in manufacturing and for products that are already being used in sectors such as aviation, aeronautics, the automotive and naval industries and, in this instance, the furniture, wood and carpentry sectors.

València Open Wood

Another highlight of the programme being put together by the Technology Institute for the fair is the series of guided visits to emblematic buildings where wood is a major feature. For the ‘València Open Wood’ initiative, AIDIMME has scheduled visits to significant historic buildings such as Valencia’s ‘San Vicente Ferrer’ Faculty of Theology, built at the end of the 18th century, and the Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana, which dates back to the early 15th century.

The times for these visits will be confirmed soon and will be posted on the fair’s website. Visits to more contemporary buildings are set to be added, to show how wood can still play a key part in a building’s structure.

AIDIMME highly committed

Launching these three initiatives is not the full measure of the value proposition AIDIMME will be delivering for FIMMA + Maderalia to mark its special, 40th anniversary, edition. The Technology Institute – which since it came into being as AIDIMME has always had strong links with the fair – will also be playing an active part in all the events relating to wood construction such as, for example, the talks its specialists will be giving in the ‘Casa Hábitat Mediterráneo’ zone.

Some very technical presentations are set to be given in this zone, relating to research into the forest environment (the ‘WoodForest Satellite’ Project for example), building refurbishment and new builds where wood is a major material. To complement the talks there will be practical explanations in the form of workshops on every aspect of the current regulations such as the Código Técnico de la Edificación (Building Regulations Code), the tests that assess the suitability of materials and products, and the developments such as the new generation of CLT panels being driven by the AVANCLT project.

FIMMA + Maderalia will also be hosting the Annual General Meeting of the Plataforma Tecnológica Forestal Española y sus Industrias Derivadas (Spanish Forestry and Associated Industries Technology Platform, PTFOR). AIDIMME is the current chair of the Plataforma and will take the opportunity to present the PTFOR Strategic Research Schedule for the next few years.

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