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FIMMA Brazil 2017 focused on small entrepreneurs

 Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FIMMA-small-entrepreneursMore than 1300 people attended the FIMMA Joiner project, from March 29 to 31. The event aimed to spread the entrepreneurial culture among small entrepreneurs and, therefore, had a team of speakers who brought to the fore important issues, creative and innovative on the segment of the woodwork.


On Thursday, there were lectures “Quick Change Tools”, by Fábio Lopes Ferreira, the SENAI Institute of Technology in wood and furniture; “Craft Joinery” by Fernando Mendes; and “Joinery in the Digital Age” by Jucielton dos Santos.


In the morning of Friday, the duo Alexandre Luis Franceschi and Márcio Zaffari, the Wirutex, talked about “New Technologies Tools for the Furniture Sector”, the designer Eduardo Núncio, addressed “The Joinery in Salon Design” and to end, Carlos Eduardo Hoffmann, of the Woodwork New Area, presented “Connected Joinery Production in.”


Hoffmann is a joiner in Santa Catarina for 20 years, and reported in his lecture the beginning of his business when he had only three employees, counting on him. The speaker pointed out that the strong entrepreneurial spirit and vision of the market caused him to seek opportunities and innovations, which contributed to the development of the company. “We have been growing gradually. First, buy a border coladeira to reduce working time and improve the finishes, which has already made a difference in the results,” he recalls.


Subsequently, the company invested in the purchase of software and other cutting machines and finishes. “This impacted on the number of hired carpenters, reducing it considerably, and, in turn, increased the number of assistants, with a much lower cost.”


According to Hoffmann, the software requires constant training in order to be well used in its many possibilities. The system also had to be adapted to the company’s production line, and not vice versa. “With the use of the software there is a great reduction of losses, both time and materials because it operates with great precision and quality is more visible to the customer”, he said.


The joiner also listed the gains in time, the use of wooden plates and simplifying starting assembly that promotes digital tool. “Now, plans are to invest in the organisational area of the company, which has not been fully developed. The devices were implanted and gradually we learned to use them in the best manner until the end of a year, we were achieving better results in speed, finishing, quality, capacity, productivity and agility. From it, the joinery reached an average size,” he added.

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