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Essetre prepares to participate in important woodworking conferences

 Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Essetre prepares to participate in important woodworking conferences

With the aim to explore the new frontiers of the sector, Essetre confirms its participation in the Mass Timber Conference and Forum Bois Construction this year. The company is participating in the events with its North American and French teams. The company will be there at these two noteworthy occasions with its technological innovations and products.

Mass Timber Conference and its prospects-

Mass Timber Conference is the flagship event for industry experts, bringing together professionals from all over the world to explore the opportunities and challenges related to this sector. Held in Portland, Oregon, USA, from March 26-28 2024 this time the event will celebrate its eighth edition. It will be there to represent the entire industry supply chain, thereby making it a perfect spot for prospering companies.

Mass timber is a category of wood-based construction materials known for their strength, sustainability and versatility. The main types of mass timber include:

cross-laminated timber panels, used for walls, slabs and roofs,
nailed structural elements, used for floors and beams,
glued laminated timber beams, used for supporting structures,
multilayer wood panels, strong and light,
structural elements with dowel joints, suitable for walls and slabs,
beams made by overlapping thin timber layers.

Essetre and various other companies plan to make the best use of the opportunity. The Mass Timber Conference will again render a unique experience for all, while the companies and vivitors will enjoy the scopes to-

learn about the latest trends, technologies and strategies to succeed in the industry.
network with professionals from all over the world to find new job opportunities.
explore the challenges and opportunities related to mass timber on a global level.

With ample scopes and opportunities waiting, the event is therefore chosen by Essetre to stay updated on the latest trends while developing connection with industry leaders.

Forum Bois Construction: a promising future-

Essetre is also preparing to make the best use of the Forum Bois Construction this year. The 13th edition of the event is being held for the fifth time in Épinal and Nancy, from April 3-5. The forum takes place at a rather special time: the supporting structure of the Notre-Dame cathedral has been rebuilt and Solidéo has delivered installations to the Olympic Committee that demonstrate a strong commitment to the use of wood in construction.

In Épinal, the French forest is the focus of attention, with its challenges and new opportunities to build using local resources to the maximum. In Nancy, the focus is on carbon emissions, fire protection, biological acoustics, prefabrication, agile engineering, modules, reuse, bio-architecture, eco-neighbourhoods and many other topics. These are the actual topics, as tenders for current realisations will structure the forum programme.

And we should not forget the ‘Innovation Forum’, which is even richer this year than at Lille 2023. In addition, the project ‘Industrialisation of products and building systems made of wood and other biological materials’, launched at the beginning of March, includes an investment of more than EUR 1 billion in the oriented wood industry. Various companies like Essetre, are now participating in the event to understand what is happening today, while preparing themselves for the market of tomorrow.

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