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Egger adds another feather in the cap

Published on :Monday, October 4, 2021

Egger successfully received two awards in sustainability ratings: Prime status in the Iss Esg Corporate Rating and the EcoVadis silver medal. “We are very pleased about the awards from leading global Esg rating agencies. At the same time, we take their analyses as an opportunity to identify potential and continue to improve our sustainability performance in the future,” says Ulrich Bühler, Egger Group Management Sales & Marketing.

Recently sustainable management evolved as the key component of the brand’s corporate strategy and the efforts are reflected in its achievement of two consecutive awards in sustainability ratings: Prime status in the ISS ESG Corporate Rating and the EcoVadis silver medal.

ISS ESG Prime-Status

ISS ESG a principle agency in the sustainable investment segment awarded EGGER Group Prime status based on the 2019/2020 sustainability report after implementing a proper scientific rating concept. In this evaluation, social affairs, governance and non-financial information from the environment is considered. The evaluation was conducted on some 100 criteria specifically selected for every industry and companies successfully attain the Prime status only after meeting the required sustainable performance specification, as per the guidelines given by ISS ESG for the required industry. Egger successfully achieved the top 3 position in the 46 companies in its own industry that were assessed there by ISS ESG.

EcoVadis Silver Medal:

Egger group once again received the silver medal from EcoVadis, the brand known for offering sustainability ratings. On this proud moment Egger shines on by placing it one of the finest in the wood-based material providers list of the top 25 percent of companies. This evaluation was based on several categories such as Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. Egger also increases its overall rating compared to the last EcoVadis rating and is now among the top 5 percent of companies evaluated in its own industry.

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