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Dürr introduces new industry for EcoSupply P Core

 Monday, March 25, 2024

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Dürr introduces the EcoSupply P Core, a revolutionary modular paint supply system that utilises advanced pigging technology. While this method has already demonstrated its effectiveness in the automotive painting industry, Dürr has taken it to the next level by adapting and improving it for application across various other industries for the very first time.

The EcoSupply P Core system has been designed for versatility in environments where diverse paint colors are used in minimal amounts, including in the construction, woodworking, and automotive supplier sectors. It excels in reclaiming unused paint, reducing the need for rinsing agents, and facilitating rapid colour transitions. Dürr plans to showcase this innovative system at PaintExpo, taking place in Karlsruhe, Germany, from April 9-12.

The desire for a comprehensive colour palette extends beyond the automotive industry. Customers use their color preferences as unique identifiers in other industries, whereas companies use distinctive colours as a unique selling point for themselves and their products. Manufacturers from the construction and plastic industries, for example, require a multitude of available shades to cater to their customers’ needs.

However, each colour change in the supply line results in paint and rinsing agent waste during the painting process. This can involve disproportionately high costs, particularly with very small quantities. This is because current paint supply systems clean the hoses using solvent and compressed air to remove all paint and rinsing residues left behind before preparation of the next color run can begin. This process is laborious and time-consuming, with longer and thicker hoses resulting in higher paint losses.

Dürr enhances the efficiency of pigging technology by using a specially designed device, known as a pig, which matches the internal diameter of the hoses. This pig, propelled by the flow of paint through the hose, travels from the supply to the destination module, effectively removing any leftover rinsing agent. The system allows for the integration of up to four distributor stations into a single pigging line, connecting seamlessly to the application technology. Following the paint application, compressed air sends the pig back to the supply module, carrying any remaining paint back to the container. Subsequently, a rinsing agent is sent through the hose to the destination module for cleaning, preparing the system for the next cycle.

Faster colour changes and simplified maintenance

The EcoSupply P Core comes in single-pass and circulating versions and is suitable for applying both water and solvent-based paints. In both instances, reduced effort makes for faster color changes. Additionally, the modular design simplifies maintenance, allowing flexible configuration of individual components to adapt to user requirements and integrate into existing systems. Thus, the EcoSupply P Core can also integrate with other Dürr systems, such as the EcoSupply2 Core paint supply station.

Starter kit with everything you need

Dürr’s starter kit is comprehensively equipped with essential components: a source and destination module, a distributor station for linkage to application technology, hoses available in lengths up to 100 meters, and the crucial pig. Additionally, the kit is enhanced with sensors for tracking the pig’s location, tools for maintenance and commissioning, and EcoDocu technical documentation in digital form, featuring examples of system setups.

Twenty-five years of experience in pigging technology

The EcoSupply P Core offers the manufacturing sector a cost-effective, easy-to-use paint supply solution for smaller quantities and applications in the low-pressure range. The new development is the culmination of Dürr’s 25 years of experience with the pigging technology featured in the EcoSupply P. Globally recognized, this tried-and-tested paint supply system with pigging technology has established its effectiveness in automotive painting.

The sales launch for the EcoSupply P Core is planned for early summer.

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