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Discover SCM’s game-changing innovations and new promises at IndiaWood

 Monday, January 29, 2024

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SCM IndiaWood 2024

The 13th edition of IndiaWood is knocking at the door and SCM is all set to put the spotlight on their 2024 strategies. The global leading producer of secondary woodworking machinery is excited to participate at this edition of IndiaWood which is going to take place from February 22 to 26 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru.

SCM is ready to illustrate a cutting-edge selection of its best technological solutions and services for the market. The Italian Group will attend the Asian leading international trade fair confirming the strong attention given to Indian region, the strategic investments done to strengthen SCM’s direct presence in this area and the will of being an all-around business partner for both industrial and artisan companies in the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sectors.

The varied proposal of technologies on demonstration is particularly suited to Indian customers and meet every machining requirement both in panel and solid wood processing.


Here are just some state-of-the-art technologies that visitors will be able to find out with the SCM team’s experts.

Cnc machining centers: morbidelli p200

This universal cnc machining centre is conceived to satisfy any drilling, routing and edgebanding requirement. Just a few clicks allow to design and manufacture pieces of any shape and easily apply several typologies of edges.

This “All-in-one technology” solution is unique on the market in having an unrivalled price-performance ratio and in offering several advantages.

Morbidelli p200 also offers a superior quality thanks to the edgebanding unit which can process edges up to 80 mm height. Other advantages are the head borings fitted with RO.AX spindles with greater rigidity and a rotation speed up to 8000 rpm, the 5-axis JQX electrospindle for an unparalleled finish and the FAST 14 tool change that ensures a tool change in less than 15 seconds.

The HE-PODs, synonymous of flexibility and innovation, bring the third dimension to the worktable surface. The machine can lift up the pieces to be processed and avoid unnecessary repositioning, making the most of the worktable size and reducing production cycle times by 30%.

The Maestro edge software is ideal to manage and optimise the entire routing, drilling and edge banding process of panels and shaped components. The application guarantees maximum simplicity, unparalleled performance levels and a considerable reduction in the production cycle times.

Edgebanding: stefani kd

Heavy duty and versatile edge bander for working different types of panels even with delicate surfaces thanks to the upper belt presser.

The working speed of up to 20 m/min and the processing of solid wood strips up to 12 mm thick make this edge bander ideal for industrial companies that need to produce panels in large quantities and with extreme quality.

The SGP glue pot, supplied as standard, with the special non-stick plasma treatment allows the use of two different types of glue, EVA and PUR, for perfect edgebanding quality even on the latest generation panels. The optimal glue dosage and the special spreading roller ensures a perfect glue line. The SGP glue pot can be loaded both manually and with automatic pre-melters and the glues can be interchanged thanks to the automatic glue change/cleaning cycle with unloading onto the removable collection box. The possibility of having 2 premelters at the same time, the QMS-P for EVA glue and the PU BOX L for PUR glue, always guarantees the best glue quality.

Wide belt sanders: dmc sd70

The dmc sd range of high-tech sanding solutions is ideal for small-size manufacturers who look for effectiveness, efficiency and high level of versatility. In fact dmc sd 70 is perfect for different types of machining. In the furniture sector this wide belt sander is ideal for calibrating MDF, plywood and solid wood as well as sanding veneered panels and finishing painted surfaces.

The configurations can vary from two or three units, combining roller, pad, superfinishing, brush units as well as crossbelt unit.

In recent years, the dmc sd range has also been enhanced with new solutions that are unique on the market such as the led bar to optimise belt wear, the interchangeable brush unit to produce different machining processes (paint, structuring, chamfering etc.) and lastly the new eye-S control panel with Maestro active interface.

IndiaWood visitors will also be able to find out other SCM technologies for windows and doors manufacturing as well as joinery machines, world leader for top of the range, unique performance and continuous innovation.

SCM expands reach with a new subsidiary in Bengaluru

IndiaWood will also be the opportunity for SCM to announce the opening of a new Subsidiary in Bengaluru in April-May 2024. This is a great news for Indian customers and as anticipated by the new Country Manager, Kunal Roy, “SCM has made strategic investments to provide local businesses in the woodworking industry with an even more extensive and all-round assistance not only In India, but in the whole region including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal & Maldives”.

“We are in process of expanding our Sales&Service infrastructure in India to cater to the entire region. We have executed some very prestigious projects in 2023 across various regions in India, such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu&Telangana and Delhi. We are continuously expanding our service team across India to ensure that we are able to provide a highly specialised, fast and reliable service support to any customers in the region”. he added further.

IndiaWood will be an ideal opportunity to meet the SCM team. “We are looking forward to welcoming and meeting Indian customers at our booth, in order to demonstrate SCM products and services best suited to their machining requirements”.

The good news is, the industry professionals from worldwide will be able to see for themselves by visiting SCM’s stand (Hall 4): as well as top of the range, uniquely performing joinery machines for woodworking, some of the best-loved automatic machines for craftsmen and industry will also go on display.

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