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Discover everything new on woodworking industry with TopSolid’Wood 2024

 Friday, April 5, 2024

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TopSolid'Wood 2024

From pre-study to manufacturing, TopSolid brings everything into a single frame efficiently. The company is dedicated to innovate the best of digital design and manufacturing process for the wood industry. TopSolid’Wood is the only integrated CAD/CAM solution, specially developed to meet the needs of the wood industry.

What can a woodworking professional expect from TopSolid wood section in 2024?

With the TopSolid’Wood 2024 customers can save time with their improved user interface. Apart from that, they can have:

Simplify configuration with the new modification label concept

TopSolid’Wood 24 focuses on simplified and fast graphical access for drivers that include:

One can automate the designs by increasingly using serial concepts

Notion of serial subassemblies:

Even one can go further in assembling parts

More control and modification possibilities for assembly joint positioning:

Boost your productivity with added modeling and configuration features


How TopSolid’WoodCam is beneficial for the woodworkers?

TopSolid’WoodCam is the CAM solution developed for the wood industry (with automatic geometry recognition for processing)

TopSolid’Wood takes into consideration the processing problems on the 3D model: “Design to Build”. The customisation of these commands optimises the adaptation of the software to the company to best respond to the needs of the production process.

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