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Discover DesignOneSource’s dynamic new website with Mosaic Integration

 Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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DesignSource Mosaic Integration

DesignOneSource.com, a leading resource used by architects, designers, and specifiers to research and evaluate decorative surfaces, is proud to announce the launch of its all-new website featuring Mosaic, a cutting-edge design solution tool. DesignOneSource is the specification division of ADENTRA (ADEN), representing products from Rugby Architectural Building Products. ADENTRA has aligned leading global suppliers and front-of-trend products, providing architects and designers with an unmatched decorative surfaces.

Mosaic, powered by DesignOneSource, empowers architects and specifiers to create exceptional and innovative designs effortlessly. The extensive development of Mosaic furthers DesignOneSource’s commitment to provide advanced interactive tools that simplify complex tasks and enhance creativity in architectural design. DesignOneSource is the specification division of Hardwoods, Rugby Architectural Building Products and Frank Paxton Lumber Company.

“We are thrilled to introduce Mosaic to the architectural community,” said Todd Graham, Director North American Specification at DesignOneSource. “Our goal is to simplify the specification process, reduce the barriers to creativity, and help architects and specifiers bring their design visions to life more efficiently. Mosaic is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in sourcing architectural materials.” Todd added further.

Mosaics DesignOneSource.com apart from other websites serving the A&D community. This innovative tool both expands the reach and accelerates the process by which architects and specifiers select product types including colors, textures, technical attributes and environmental pedigrees for their interior design projects. As a result, the creative process is faster, more efficient, more thorough, and more inspiring.

Mosaic’s dynamic search algorithm swiftly sifts through DesignOneSource’s comprehensive database of approximately 1,000 colours and woodgrains offered by 28 of North America’s most preeminent decorative surface suppliers revealing the products that most closely match in color. Users can easily refine a search to narrow their color selection based on material options like TFL, HPL or wood veneers; environmental attributes such as FSC certified, LEED compliance, or no added formaldehyde; and even fire-rated properties. Every product is supported by technical and performance information, as well as a cache of related downloadable documents.

Mosaic’s user-friendly configuration tool also allows the user to select multiple colors and other attributes at the same time to filter through millions of combinations. High-quality images of the various products selected from the search results can be viewed side by side, providing a clearer visualization of how they will blend together in the project. Samples of each of the selected products can be ordered in mass by simply adding them to the user’s personal “shopping cart.”

The benifits and key features of Mosaic

Advanced Search and Filter Options: Users can easily refine their search based on specific criteria such as product type, color, texture, pattern, or several technical attributes streamlining the selection process and saving valuable time.

Visual Inspiration: Mosaic provides a visually stimulating interactive experience, allowing users to see how different materials, colors, and textures come together to create stunning design solutions.

Project Visualisation: Mosaic users can visualize their design choices for their projects, helping them make informed decisions based on a wealth of information and ensuring seamless integration with their designs.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Mosaic significantly accelerates the material specification process, reducing the time architects and specifiers spend researching and selecting materials, ultimately leading to cost savings.

Quick and Easy Sample Ordering: Mosaic users can add selected products, including those from multiple brands, to their personal “shopping cart” for delivery. Mosaic is fully mobile enabled.

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