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DIEFFENBACHER’s CEBRO: Holistic Smart Plant concept

 Tuesday, April 18, 2023

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DIEFFENBACHER at LIGNA will focus on the new smart plant concept, CEBRO. Using a holistic approach, CEBRO combines the new digital platform EVORIS and advanced plant engineering with operational excellence and sustainability solutions.

EVORIS enables wood-based panel manufacturers to digitalise their production—plant-wide and independent of make and manufacturer. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), EVORIS apps support continuous monitoring, prediction and optimization of production processes. Comprehensive analyses of live data help plant operators better understand their plants and make important decisions more quickly. The results are higher plant availability, optimised board quality, fewer rejects, reduced use of wood, glue and other expensive raw materials, lower production and energy costs, and fewer CO2 emissions. LIGNA attendees will learn all about this in the presentation “How artificial intelligence is transforming the wood-based panels industry” on “LIGNA.Stage” on Monday, May 15.

CEBRO’s advanced plant engineering solutions, meanwhile, help customers create smart synergies within a plant. Intelligent heat recovery concepts, including reusing heat from the press and dryer exhaust air elsewhere in the production process, are just one of many ideas to reduce energy costs and emissions and increase profit.

To help manufacturers achieve operational excellence, CEBRO uses optimized processes and advanced technologies. CEBRO also helps manufacturers find the right balance between economic and sustainability goals to build a better future for business and the environment. Wood recycling solutions, which help free manufacturers from dependence on fresh wood supplies, are one way that DIEFFENBACHER supports economic success and sustainability. Others include smart environmental and new energy-generation technologies that save costs, cut emissions and reduce a plant’s carbon footprint.

“Our holistic approach, based on the four pillars of EVORIS, advanced plant engineering, operational excellence and sustainability, makes a CEBRO plant a truly smart one that can help wood-based panel manufacturers accelerate their success,” says Stefan Zipf, head of the Wood business unit at DIEFFENBACHER. “CEBRO isn’t just for new plants, either. It can be applied to existing plants and achieve outstanding results. For example, our optimization and modernization solutions can deliver significant wood and glue savings. This reduces production costs and gives manufacturers competitive advantages that cannot be underestimated,” Zipf continues.

With personal Lifetime Support, DIEFFENBACHER customers have a strong and reliable partner to help them operate their wood-based panel plants efficiently and profitably at all times. The global service team supports plant operators over the entire lifetime of their plants with the appropriate preventive and reactive solutions. These include everything from effective troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction to maintenance measures and service visits for smooth operation and optimization of production processes. EVORIS and the intuitive digital MyDIEFFENBACHER systems maximize the performance and availability of every wood-based panel plant. In addition, individual training sessions help to increase the know-how of plant personnel.

“We can’t wait to finally welcome our customers, partners and friends back in person at our booth,” says Zipf. “We have information to share and an important milestone to celebrate. Founded in 1873, DIEFFENBACHER is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. As a fifth-generation family business, DIEFFENBACHER is built on a solid foundation that, despite all the uncertainties and global crises, allows us to look to the future with confidence. We are looking forward to a very special LIGNA 2023,” Zipf concludes.

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