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DDX prepares to participate in Medwood exhibition

 Thursday, April 4, 2024

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DDX prepares to participate in Medwood exhibition

DDX Software Solutions is all set to participate in the the Medwood exhibition in Athens, that will be held at the Metropolitan EXPO Centre. The company plans to make the best use of the event while participating in it with its team members. Ingo, CEO DDX Deutschland, and our Area Manager Mauro will be there to showcase the woodworking solutions. The company plans to showcase its newly developed solution for bespoke furniture, named XDesignPRO.

XDesignPRO is the new software solution specifically dedicated to furniture and interior design. It is the first choice for carpenters who need powerful and intuitive software for commercial and custom furniture.

With XDesignPRO, all kinds of designs can be created, from the simplest furniture elements to more complex, multi-material projects. Thanks to the in-house CAD and 3D function, it is possible to draw and design complete custom solutions for all furniture needs.

XDesignPRO means:

Advanced design and rendering

Single work environment: offers a single integrated environment for designing individual pieces or entire projects.

Photorealistic renderings: features powerful rendering tools, with advanced lighting management, for realistic visualization.

Integrated CAD for dynamic drawings

Drawing flexibility: internal CAD for free and precise creation of lines and solids, suitable for both experienced designers and beginners.
File compatibility and integration

Import and export with ease: supports a wide range of formats, including DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, SKP, STL for import; and DWG, STEP for export, ensuring smooth integration with other tools and platforms.
Documentation and materials management

Associative sections and printouts: allows the creation of associative sections and printouts of lists with measurements and material supplies, for efficient project management.

Drafting management: has dedicated tools for drafting, allowing accurate and customized quotations.

Printouts and views with exploded views and shot peening: has advanced capabilities for creating detailed printouts and exploded views with shot peening, making clear relationships between components.

Advanced operations and customization

Boolean operations: facilitates performing Boolean operations of addition and subtraction between solids, for complex and detailed modeling.

Specialized machining: allows the entry of machining operations such as milling, pocketing, single and multiple holes, adaptable to a wide range of designs.

Materials and machining

Multi-material management: enables optimization of the design, export and machining phase with effective multi-material management.

Automatic creation of machining logics: has tools for automatic generation of different types of logics and machining steps.

Comprehensive and customizable libraries

Parametric furniture library: provides access to an extensive library of parametric furniture to speed up the design process.

Hardware library: features a complete collection of hardware to enrich any type of project.

Finally, thanks to the compatibility with other DDX software, it is possible to integrate XDesignPRO with our woodworking CAM, a complete software that handles every aspect of machining and CNC at 360°: from the arrangement of parts and sub-pieces in the workbench, to collision control with 3D simulation, to optimisation of tool paths to the generation of machine programs.

DDX Software Solutions will be there at the Medwood exhibition, to showcase this revolutionary solution. It will make the best use of the event to come closer to its customers while meeting various others professionals from the industry.

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