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Catas brings “The Adhesives in the Furniture Industry” in English

 Monday, June 3, 2024

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Catas brings "The Adhesives in the Furniture Industry" in English

“The Adhesives in the Furniture Industry” will now be available in English as it will be published by EdizioniGoliardiche of Trieste in collaboration with Catas and Avisa-Federchimica.

With over 300 pages divided into nine chapters, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of what the word “adhesive” means in the world of wood and furniture production.

The English version of the book “The Adhesives in the Furniture Industry” is finally seeing the light, published by EdizioniGoliardiche of Trieste in collaboration with Catas and Avisa-Federchimica, the Italian association of adhesive producers. Two actors who don’t need much introduction, and whose “shared knowledge” has fortunately come together in the pen of Franco Bulian, who, besides being the director of Catas, now boasts several scientific publications for the sector.

This volume serves as a gateway to a wealth of knowledge, encompassing a diverse array of information, including theories on bonding, practical applications, insights, and guidance. It covers topics from the fundamentals of bonding to advanced applications, from different types of materials to techniques for assembly, and from understanding substrates to categorisng adhesive types.

It redefines the state of the art on a subject that profoundly characterises an industry, that of furniture, which has reached a mature phase after at least five decades of significant developments and transformations. An evolution that has necessarily created new relationships among industry players, protagonists of a change aimed at optimizing processes through increasingly evident ”specializing.”

This “practical knowledge,” if we may call it so, arises from the interpenetration of different fields and materials, between wood and chemistry, between particleboard and formaldehyde, between wood and vinyl adhesives, in the constant pursuit of “practices” that not only yield the best possible result in terms of quality but also consider the healthiness of work environments and environmental impact.

All of this and much more is now available to the international public. Much of the credit goes to the new effort by EdizioniGoliardiche and the author’s ability to navigate comfortably between theoretical and practical aspects, giving life to an authentic compendium on bonding that, we are confident, will be useful to many.

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