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Blum Group to expand its headquarters

 Friday, November 3, 2023

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Blum Group

Blum Group has planned to expand its headquarters in Vorarlberg, Austria. An additional 17,000 sq. metres of floor space will be completed by early 2025. The company is taking this initiative to further enhance its business growth, while taking note of its long-term philosophy. Blum develops its sites in line with the simple sustainable philosophy of “as little as possible, as much as necessary”. The company is building multi-storey buildings to minimise the use of land and soil. This also reduces the company’s heating requirements.

In this case too, Blum Group is taking good note of its drive towards sustainability and responsible expansion of business. Heavyweight construction ensures longevity, provides high insulation performance and reduces energy requirements. The company not only uses climate-friendly building materials, but also implements efficient energy systems for the development. Blum Group strongly believes that their commitment to sustainable building will pay off in the long term.

Blum Group is one of the most well known companies that help its customers to translate ones ideas into top quality solutions. The company believes that the perfect furniture should look good, be practical and last long time and it designs solutions to standardise this fact. It leaves no stone unturned to monitor the worldwide trends to design the best for its customers. Blum delivers quality tailored furniture solutions to develop its business to a greater height. It is taking further expansive initiatives to improve its working process to serve its highly esteemed customers.

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