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BLUM at HOLZ-HANDWERK: Spotlight on AVENTOS Top Family

 Thursday, March 21, 2024

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Among many eminent and prominent furniture fittings manufacturers, BLUM is recognised as a distinguished furniture fitting solution provider. This time, BLUM is all set to showcase their celebrated innovation: AVENTOS top family series. They are happy to bring such an avant-garde product at HOLZ-HANDWERK this year.

Conducting a symphony, working out the subtleties and reinterpreting certain passages is a challenge. BLUM set themselves the task of completely reworking their AVENTOS lift systems: they reduced the size, optimised the functions and adapted the design. Like a conductor who gives his own personal touch to a composition and so creates a new arrangement of a masterpiece, one can now enjoy a new feel to the design of living spaces with fittings from the AVENTOS top family.

They are able to combine ergonomic motion with function and fascinate their customers by showing the different lift systems. To make the home decor aesthetic, one must arrange top and wall cabinets like a maestro with AVENTOS top.

AVENTOS: Working in harmony

All lift system types are now available in a compact top version – be it a bi-fold, up and over, lift up or stay lift system. The elegantly designed fittings can be used to create exciting combinations of wall cabinets within any scenario. The lift mechanisms are concealed behind silk white, light grey or dark grey cover caps – tone on tone with the furniture or as a pleasing contrast. Customised branding elements make AVENTOS HF top, HS top, HL top and HK top unique.


Functional and multi-talented

With the fittings of the AVENTOS top family, one has two options for installing the lift mechanism: either with the system screws or using the integrated positioning system. One can assemble the lift mechanism quickly, easily and correctly – and without the need for calculation thanks to predefined fixing positions. The integrated BLUMOTION soft-close system and opening angle stops are also simple to adjust.

One can also enjoy the convenience of tool-free assembly and intuitive start-up of the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system. AVENTOS HF top, AVENTOS HL top and AVENTOS HS top all have the same low-noise drive unit, making them a pleasure to use. Not only one can get added convenience, the lift systems also impress with their clear-cut, slimline design.

AVENTOS top takes up little space in wall cabinets and in warehouses. The fittings are designed so that you only need a few different components, but still have full design freedom: the symmetrically designed lift mechanisms and lever arms are suitable for different sizes of wall cabinets and compatible with all motion technologies. What is more, the same cover cap can be used for HF top, HS top and HL top. This saves decision making when it comes to selection, procurement and handling.


Always freely accessible

The front lifts up and out of the way so it can be left open while the kitchen is in use. This means that storage items are always readily accessible.

Tailored to need

Wall cabinets come in all heights and widths to suit storage space requirements, or can be designed to line up with the gap layout of base units.

Stays in any position

With its variable stop the lift system holds in any position, so that the front can be reached easily for closing.

Virtually noiseless: BLUMOTION

Wall cabinets close softly and effortlessly with the integrated soft-close mechanism- no matter how large or heavy the front or whether one tries to close it witn force.

Pretty smart: SERVO-DRIVE

The electrical motion support system lets yoy open the front with a single touch. The wall cabinet closes softly at the press of a switch.

Simply practical: TIP-ON

The mechanical support system gives one-touch opening and easy access to the opening edge of fronts. To close, simply press shut. There are multiple things that need to be disclosed. also, if someone is quite.

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